When a Relationhsip End

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Letting go of someone you love is never easy. The love in our heart verses the logic in our mind. We always seem to ask the same questions. Ex: could I have done something differently? So many of us struggle with ourselves, blame ourselves, and there may be a part of us that blame our ex partner for our relationship problems. As hard as things may get in our lives we must always remember that any time there is an ending there is a new beginning. Treasure those special moments that you shared with your ex partner. As you journey to the next phase in your life know that everything you have experienced in life, even the relationship that has just ended played a part in making you the magnificent person you are today. Yes, you are magnificent. Whether you are divorced or single in a relationship, the pain is still the same for each and every one of us when our relationship comes to an end. A secret I did to move on to the next stage in my life was to write and cry. I got it all out… Released and started my journey. I tore every word that I wrote down in to small pieces. And threw it in the garbage. If you want to add some sentiment to the situation you can through the paper in to the sea. I find that keeping busy helped me to transition through my journey ,more easily. It kept me from worrying, or hoping so badly that my ex would call. It enabled me to focus on my self. And to figure out were I wanted to be someday. Some of us make the transition of moving on to our next journey easily. While others may learn that moving on without the person you love is indeed the biggest mountain of your life. Something I try to remember is setting someone free especially when they desire their freedom is one of the greatest and hardest gift you can give. Forgiveness is probably the most important thing in your transition from the quote couple status to being single again. Even if your ex partner does not ask for the gift of you’re forgiveness. Forgive anyway. In forgiving your ex partner you are also, forgiving and freeing yourself. You will be surprised how this transition will bring new opportunities and relationships into your life. Letting go physically, spiritually, emotionally, and materially may not be easy, but the journey ahead will make you grow.


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