Don’t get me wrong lebron is good and could be the best nba player out very soon.  But rigt now Kobe is the best nba player and the best player in the world.  There are several reasons why Kobe is the best and why Lebron is not.  Lets start off with Lebron he’s a freak of nature on the court can drive to the hole and shoot whenever he wants to and, can pass.  When you look at it thats about all he can drive and shoot, Lebron skill leve is no where near as good as Kobe leaving Lebron with only two moves to score.

Now lets look at Kobe, skill wise right now is the best out.  Kobe has more then two moves he can break you down with numerous moves, lets start with the first step deadly, after that the pump fake get you in the air and draw the foul whenever he wants. Next stop and pop when ever he wants after that hit you the fadeway in your mouh at anytime next the postup Kobe realizes when there is a mouse in the house and takes them to The post and breaks them down. and last but not least he makes foul shots.

So after watching Kobe and Lebron this season Kobe is the best and Lebron needs more skils to be on Kobe level to be the best out, and Lebron needs to make his foul shots definitely to close games out until that happens Kobe is the best and, Lebron is not eventually he wil get just not this year.

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