Palin’s future

Palin’s Next Move

President Obama is comfy cozy in the White House, and John McCain is back in Arizona doing whatever it is that old folks do in Arizona (sleep?… golf?… fall sleep while playing golf?).

But what lies ahead for Mrs. Palin? Where could her vast set of skills be put to best use? Below are some suggestions for her consideration. I’m not sure if they get the internet in Alaska, so if you happen to be up north and see her, feel free to pass along these friendly occupational suggestions…

1) Adult Film Star.
This is an obvious next step for this arctic hottie.
What would be better than to see Sarah lying on a bear skin rug made from a bear that she actually killed and skinned her self!?

2) NHL referee.
This hockey mom can stay close to the sport she loves, while at the same time succeed in obtaining a position of authority in another male-dominated field.

3) Paris Hilton’s new BFF
With similar I.Q. levels, these two are girls are made for each other. Maybe they can open up a bed and breakfast in Fairbanks? The hotel business runs deep in Paris’ bloodlines.. and Sarah can use her ‘executive experience’ to assure that the pillows have the proper number of mints.

4) Author.
Sarah would be wise to pen her autobiography while all the events of the past few months are fresh in her mind. She could offer great insight into the inner workings of a national political campaign, and share her tips on how to keep one’s chest in place while walking the runway during the swimsuit portion of a beauty pageant.

5) Ultimate Fighter
Get a cage, insert Sarah, add Condoleezza Rice, and then throw in an ill-mannered tiger. Let see which cougar survives the match

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