How to Avoid Dog Attacks!

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 1.  Don’t make eye contact! This is the number one thing to remember, it could possibly save you from a dog attack. Dogs feel as though you’re challenging them when you make direct eye contact with them, so avoid it at all cost.

 2. If you feel as though you don’t have enough speed to outrun the dog, please do yourself a favor and REMAIN STILL. Don’t try to run or bike away no matter what you do, this will provoke the dog to chase you and possibly snap at you.

 3. Start by slowly distancing yourself from the dog if it begins to approach you. Put something in front of you, for instance if you’re on bike, place the bike between you and the dog. This however does not mean use your arm to distance yourself, you reaching out toward the dog could make it snap at you and bite.

 4. Get Vertical. If you feel you have the speed to make it to the nearest car or gate ect, get to it and climb on top of it. A lot of dogs have excellent jumping skills so try to get as high as you can. Even a tree would work in this case. If you feel as though you’re never going to be able to get down, shout for help.

 5. If you feel as though the attack is inevitable (bound to happen) then be prepared. Pick up something solid such as a tree limb or pole to place in front of yourself in case the dog bites. If it does bite, it will bite down on the object you have in your hand and not you! Considering what went down with Mike Vick and everything, I’m going to say don’t try to harm the dog too bad by swinging the object to hard. But if worst comes to worst, do what you have to do, its self defense!

 6. If you’re knocked to the ground get on your stomach and ball up real tight bringing your knees up to your chest. Take safety measures and put your hands on the back of your neck. Be solid like a rock and stray away from waving your arms around because dogs are quick to lock down.


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