Earn more cash with a picture frame store front online.

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You already have a client base visiting your picture frame store in person , so why not tell your current customers to as well keep checking back on line when they return home for the latest discounts and even the latest artwork that has arrived (if you also display artwork as many picture framing stores do).

You can show off your unique picture frames on the internet with your own self designed website If you like to keep your expenses down and create a website yourself. One I recommend often on my blogs is the site I use over and over , found at www.wix.com. This is a website which will allow you to create your own website design with extreme easy. You can even incorporate ecommerce into your site with these guys. (Athought the  e commerce part of their site is for paid subscribers where as most of what you can do is with a free wix account).

Ready made picture frames can be a quick sell for you as well if you present them appropiately with your online picture frame store. Think of the added potential to increase your sales. Display online some of your best framed presentations, the ones you have received alot of positive comments from with your walk-in clients. These displays will surely catch the eye of websurfers worldwide. Make sure to make it easy for your online clients to simply click and buy. Paypal is a good option for this. Simply set up a paypal account and incorporate a paypal link on your webpage. (This also available with the free version of the wix.com web page builder online software).

If you are also a framing supply store you may like to offer wholesale framing offers via your online business venture. Picture frame manufacturers can exponentially increase revenues this way. There are many ways to consider increasing your income when considering your business in worldwide light .


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