How to deal with a long distance relationship while he/she is over seas!

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  • Trust yourself, If you dont have trust then you cant trust anyone else.

  • Make time to talk to your other half as much as you can. Makes it kinda feel like they are still home, weather its on the phone, email, Instant messenger, letters, special packages sent to them.

  • Having a web cam so you can see each other works best for you and the kids. That is the best way for the kids to interact with them.

  • Find things that need to be done around the house and make them into a project.

  • Going to school fulltime or even parttime if you work a fulltime job. That makes your day full.

  • Put the kids in different activites and/or volunteer to help with the activites. The kids see that you are interested in what they are doing.

  • Go on a vacation to your families on both sides and have them keep you entertained. Support from the family is the best support system you have.

  • Take the kids on a fun weekend adventure. As they have to suffer this to.

  • Keep a calender up some where so you and the kids can keep tract  of approximently when they will be coming back home. Its fun for the kids to see the day getting closer as well as for  yourself.

  • Volunteer at places that need help. As the community is important because you have to live in it. Volunteering at a chruch, nursing home as a sitter or even a school.

Making yourself busy helps yourself, the kids, your other (not having to worry about you), and helps the community if you volunteer. Whats that saying ” Time flies when your having fun.”


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