SKUNKED! – Dog Groomer’s Secret Recipe – 3 Household Ingredients To Make You and Your Dog Happier

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There is nothing worse than the smell of a dog that has been skunked.  Well, maybe one thing, a wet dog that has been skunked!  That is rank!

Whenever you are dealing with a dog that has been skunked, wear clothes you can part with, and use rubber gloves.  You will never get the stench out of the clothes or gloves, so have a plastic bag ready to dispose of your clothes, the rubber gloves and all the towels you will be using!  If you don’t wear rubber gloves, you’ll smell as bad as your dog!


Before you even start, if your dog’s coat is matted, cut ALL the mats out.  If the solutions cannot penetrate the mat, you will be putting a lot of effort into little or no return.

Several veteran Dog vs. Skunk dog owners swear by Massengill Unscented Douche.  Pour give or take 2-3 oz. into a gallon jug of water for dogs up to 50 lb.  For larger dogs, double the mixture.  Pour the stuff on, and let it soak in for about 20 minutes.  The trick is in the soak time.

If your dog took a hit in the eyes, they will need to be rinsed out with contact lens solution (saline), and then cool, gently running water for 7-10 minutes.  It helps stop the burning.

If using douche doesn’t appeal to you, here’s a “secret” simple solution many dog groomers keep close to their vest.  The best part is, most likely, you have everything under a sink somewhere!

“The Stink Solution” – Dog Groomer’s Secret Recipe:

¼ cup baking soda

1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide

1-tablespoon liquid soap…dishwashing detergent, your shampoo or dog shampoo will work

Mix up only what you need for each application.  This stuff bubbles like a high school chemistry project!  It will blow the lid off the jug; so don’t leave it closed after you have shaken it!  Do not store it!

Prior to wetting your dog down, it helps if you apply petroleum jelly around their eyes, so “The Solution” rolls off and doesn’t get into them.

Once you’ve soaked your dog, with cool water, pour “The Stink Solution” on, and wait for 5-7 minutes for it to work it’s magic!  The longer the soak the better the results.   

Make sure your dog doesn’t lick any of it off!  The bubbling will definitely get their attention!  It’s best to secure their head.

After a good soak, rinse them off, making sure your have removed all “The Stink Solution”.  Don’t be impatient.  If need be, apply a second soaking.

Your dog will thank you!

This works well on cats too.  Good luck! 

NOTE:  Use 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water, pour it on and hose it off, to get the scent off your deck or patio.  


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