Helping the “Internet challenged” & “senior citizen care” can go hand in hand.

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One way to show care toward a senior citizen is to take some of your time on a periodic ongoing basis and teach them some of the basics concerning the Internet. Explain that there are many of us who are considered “Internet challenged” in many aspects but we can share our general surfing knowledge with them to help them as someone once helped us.

Some of the basics a senior would most likely enjoy in regards to internet use could be emailing, general surfing for their interests or perhaps finding an interesting radio station to listen to from another part of the hemisphere.

As just mentioned, internet streaming could also be an interest for a senior in the realm of watching tv programs or videos of interest. For example if the seniors interest is gardening you can show them how to search for gardening tips on youtube or ehow or bukisa (and the list goes on).

In the end the suggestion here is to take time to help a senior citizen learn some basic computing skills. Stressing “basic” as not to discourage them with the overwhelming aspects of computer use. Perhaps as your basic computer tutorials advance they may even feel the confidence of desiring to do online banking, although many folk , especially seniors, can be very leary about this. Enjoy the quality time together and who knows but through you conversations you too will learn things as well , perhaps in other aspects of living drawn from conversational experiences.


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