How To Lessen The Pain Of Menstrual Cramps During Your Period

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Keep in mind that this method I am suggesting may or may not work for every female. Every female has a different pain level when it comes to menstrual cramps. Some females may have light cramps that does not impede on their day-to-day activities. Some have moderate cramping that requires some pain medication. Others have it worse like me, so I want to help suggest a way to alleviate or lessen the pain, if possible. From experience, I have realized that each of us women kind of have an idea of when we expect our next period to arrive. Therefore, what I do is to take my ibuprofen about 3-4 days prior to when I think my period will be starting. For me, I take about 400 mg each day for 4 days. When your period does arrive, you still need to take your pain reliever as usual. However, my primary care doctor told me that for my heavy cramping, I should be taking 800 mg of ibuprofen. The first and second day I experience the worst cramping ever, so I take those 800 mg. Make sure you speak with your doctor first on how much dosage of pain medication to take. He or she would know best what to prescribe for you based on your medical history, family history, your allergies, and etc. In addition to that, I also use a pain-relieving patch made soley for menstrual cramps. You can usually find this in any drugstore, along the aisle that sells women’s products, such as tampons, pads, and pantiliners. Depending what drugstore, it may also be placed in the aisle that sells pain-relieving patches like IcyHot patches. If you decide that you want to try the menstrual patch, make sure before buying it that you read the instructions and warnings on the box thoroughly to see if it is right for you. If you can’t find the menstrual patches, you can always ask for assistance to locate it. The menstrual patches usually come in a small red box. Basically, it is a heat-activated patch that comes in a circular or oval shape. It is white in color. It has adhesive, so you would take the adhesive off and place the sticky side to the front of your underwear. The other side of the patch is non-adhesive, and will face the side of your tummy. Basically, the heat from your stomach will begin to “activate” the tiny iron pieces within the patch, creating a “heating pad” to alleviate the pain. Please do not wear the patch for longer than 8 hours, as it says on the box. Once you are done using the patch, you cannot reuse it. You must dispose of it. I also stay away from cold drinks during my cramping. Try not to drink liquids that have citric acid as well. I don’t drink lemony products, anything with caffeine, and nothing cold. Those seem to exacerbate my pain. What I do is drink hot liquids. I suggest drinking hot tea. My favorite is jasmine, green tea, or earl grey. I personally love drinking hot tea, and more so during my period. Please remember that these techniques have helped with my cramping. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in ibuprofen, you may need to ask your doctor to recommend a substitute pain reliever. Also, if you are allergic to the iron material in the heat-activated menstrual patch, you may need to find a different alternative. A good alternative I’ve used is IcyHot patches. And as always, please read the instructions and/or warnings on the box before usage. These patches may not be recommended for every female.


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