Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

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An extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey is a system of environmental audit for recording habitat types. The area is surveyed and the vegetation is mapped using a standard colour code and numerical system, as specified by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. This provides standardised colour habitat maps, which allow a rapid visual assessment of the extent and distribution of different habitat types within the study area to be undertaken. ‘Target Notes’ are produced for each habitat and describe sightings of, and suitable habitat for, species of conservation concern and or those protected by national and international legislation and give initial information on areas of interest and those requiring further surveys. Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys are widely used as the baseline survey for environmental audits and are recommended by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. BosqMap have developed a tool for producing Phase 1 habitat maps simply and easily – it utilises BosqMap version 1.2 and the BosqMap workspace wizard.  MapInfo fill pallet, line styles and symbols have been customised so that they match the styles in the JNCC Handbook for phase 1 habitat and users simply draw the boundary of the habitat and select the habitat type and a new phase 1 habitat map can be up and ready for digitising in seconds.  The software works on all MapInfo versions from 8.0 onwards and we can customise it to exactly meet your specifications.  Visit the Phase 1 Habitat survey page on our website if you would like to try an evaluation version.


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