How to Transfer Your Digital Pictures to Your Computer

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After taking pictures with your digital camera you will want to copy them to your computer so that you can print and share them with friends and family. You will also want to delete them from your camera (memory card) to free up room to take more pictures. The following process outlined below will help you transfer your pictures to your computer.


Pictures can be copied to your computer in two ways. (1) Connect your camera to your computer through the computer’s USB port with the supplied cable that came with your camera. (2) Remove the memory card from your camera and connect it to a card reader. A memory card reader is an accessory that you can buy to connect your desktop or laptop. Some laptops come with card readers and many printers now have memory card readers.


Once you have connected your camera or memory card to the computer, Windows will detect the connection and ask you what you want to do with your pictures. If your camera was connected to the computer, select “Microsoft scanner and camera wizard”, then click OK. If your memory card was connected to your computer then select “Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard”, then click OK

Step3 :

When the scanner and camera wizard appears, click next.


The scanner and camera wizard will now display all your pictures. By default ALL your pictures are selected. If you do not want to copy some pictures, you will have to un-select them. Once you are done, select Next.


On the Picture Name and Destination page type a name for the group of pictures. Next click Browse to select a folder to save them in or create a new folder.

Step6 :

If you want to erase the pictures from you camera’s memory, select “Delete pictures from my device after copying them” check box then click next. After your pictures are copied to your computer they will be removed from you camera’s memory.


On the “Other Options” page if no further action is to be taken then click Nothing and then Next.


On the final page Windows Explorer will open up showing you all the pictures you copied to your computer.


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