How To Fix Mascara Smudge On Your Eyeshadow

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If you happen to smudge your mascara onto your eyeshadow, whether it be a tiny dot or anything more than that, you might be tempted to wipe off the smudge as quickly as you can. Stop, and wait for it to dry first. From experience, this has happened to me many times. We all know the time and effort it takes for us ladies to make ourselves beautiful. Of course, the first thing people usually see are your eyes when you speak with someone. We want our eyeshadow to look flawless, because we put alot of work into it, right? I remember when I would be done with applying my eyeshadow, and reach for my mascara to complete my work. More often than not, the mascara wand would accidentally bump the area of my eyeshadow and ruin it. Sometimes it would be a tiny dot, but other times when it happened, it would leave a much larger mark on the eyeshadow. Unfortunately, I would rush to grab a cotton swab or Q-tip and dab it off, but in the process, take off most of my eyeshadow. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Here is what you really should do. Let the smudge dry on its own. Very important! Do not attempt to fix it in a hurry. Wait till it is dry. Once the smudge is dry, it will become a little flaky. Take your cotton swab or q-tip, and very gently rub it off. This makes it safer to fix without ruining your eyeshadow. If the q-tip should happen to take some color off from your eyeshadow, simply touch up the area with the right color. You won’t need to redo your eyeshadow at all. And there you have it, a simple solution for a simple makeup problem!


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