Haunted Bed & Breakfast in the USA

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“Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
And when she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one” – unknown author

How would you like to be a guest at a bed and breakfast that has that little rhyme as their slogan? Not to mention the haunting history that goes along with it.


Located in Fall River, Massachusetts one of the most well known haunted bed and breakfasts in the US.

For those of you are not familiar with the story of Lizzie Borden, I’ll fill you in: On August 4, 1892 Lizzie Borden a 32 year old woman who still lived at home with her sister and parents at 92 Second Street. Was believed (tried and found not guilty due to lack of evidence) of murdering her father and her stepmother, an axe was discovered but could not be determined as the weapon.

The house remained empty for many years and then was a private residence before becoming the bed and breakfast. Of course, many guests have seen paranormal activities while staying at the B&B, everything from strange sounds, footsteps, a woman crying and impressions of a body laying or sitting on a bed. The most prominent ghost is believe to be the step-mother Abby, she is seen dusting and making beds, which is what they say she was doing at the time of her murder.

There are eight rooms including, Lizzie’s, Emma’s (her sister), Andrew (her father), Abbey (her stepmothers) and John (the uncle) these rooms are $250 a night the other three rooms are $200 a night. All of the rooms are tastefully decorated in there original Victorian time period.

For more information and some amazing photos with ghosts in them taken by guests visit there website at www.lizzie-borden.com


Located in Lakewood, Washington, Not only is Thornwood one of the few castles left in the United States it’s haunted history is 400 years old. Thornewood is beyond beautiful. Many of you may already know what Thornewood looks like without even knowing it. The castle has been used in three movies; the most famous one is Stephen Kings “Rose Red.” The castles other claim to fame is the book “The Secret Garden” the garden in the book is actually at Thronewood and is called the Sunken English Garden. There are also two other gardens just as magnificent on the property.

Thronewood is thought to be a portal between Earth and the Spirit world according to Henry Bailey, the lead investigator and president of the Washington State Ghost Society. He also claims it is a place of healing. The energy is all positive and there are no evil or mischief spirits present.

Thronewood has been investigated by several ghost hunters, there are numerous newspaper and magazine articles written about it.

Guests have reported seeing larger than life angels, most often it is thought that the ghost of Anna Chester the owner’s wife is seen.
She likes to stare back at visitors who are looking in a mirror. Strange noises, missing objects, voices, men, women and children have all been seen and vanished before the guest’s very eyes.

Thornewood Castle has nine guest suites all with a king size bed, fireplace, mini bar, refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave as well as a sitting area and private bathroom. A night at the castle will cost you $300.

For more information and to see pictures of the beautiful castle and ghostly imagines visit there website at www.thornewoodcastle.com


Located in Savannah, Georgia this two story, thirteen-guest room Victorian bed and breakfast is haunted by two children (twins) who were playing in one of the many chimneys in the house and were both killed. They are said to haunt the B&B with laughter, talking, apparitions, and childhood pranks. The most active rooms in the house are 201 and 203. The original owner is also said to haunt the Kehoe house, most believe he is just watching over it. Oddly while taking a virtual tour of the rooms all of the fireplaces “appear” to be inoperable and there is no mention of fireplaces in the guest rooms. A night at the Kehoe house will run you $200-$300 a night.

For more information and a virtual tour of the house visit there website at www.kehoehouse.com

Most bed and breakfasts are old and were someone’s home at one time or another and where you have history you have a good chance of a haunting as well. There are hundreds if not thousands of bed and breakfasts that claim the haunted title. Chances are you have already stayed at one and were not even aware of it.


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