Dreams Lie But Not as ‘Good’ as You Do – Unveiling Your Disguised Sexual Nature

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The truth is: You don’t want to know what your dreams are clear cut saying (revealing) to you. You don’t want to look down deep under the covers for the irritating bed bugs of sexual discontent. In fact, you will go to great lengths to keep your pristine world in tact, undisturbed, and on an even keel even if it means you continue to live a blubbering falsity (sham) of an existence.  You will do just about anything not to have your world turned upside down even to the point of interpreting your dreams in such a biased way as to seem ridiculous.  Or worse yet, you could bow out of the interpretation altogether by mumbling something to the effect,” I don’t have a clue as to what my dream was about.” Bull shit. You know!  You are the only one who does.

But, be that as it may, your dream’s sole purpose is to bother you at levels so deep, that no amount of ease can be experienced until the source of the irritation is resolved.  Whether you choose to believe your dreams either in comfort or alarm, the obvious truth remains: Your dreams are speaking to you in an abrupt subtle way to ‘rattle your cage.’  Unless you are moved by the dream, you are, relatively speaking, pretending to show up for your life. You are faking it and not doing too well convincing yourself of your cleverly crafted deception.

Because you are so accustomed to lying to yourself, pacifying your pitiful existence, demeaning those who would point fingers at your self-created misery, you are incapable of seeing the yellow brick road which stands right before your eyes. You don’t want to see any other avenue to be explored. It seems too dangerous and uncertain.  You are so concretely mobilized in a routine robotically induced fashion of existing, you are afraid to venture into areas of the unknown region of yourself.  But, honestly, how long can you hold out?  How much longer can you drag yourself into places with a plastered smile sealed on your face?  You know you have reached that place of no return but you keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same old boring methods of interacting.

The change of seasons is upon you. (It’s high time to turn your attention inward and check the temperature for proper attire and event.)  Your sexual thermostat malfunctioned months ago and you haven’t sent for the repairmen. If you think for one instant that your dreams are not completely sexual in nature, you are worse off than I thought. Every censored volatile fearful unexpressed emotional sexual sensation will be terminated in the day time conscious activity and registered for the night time unconscious processing/filtering. The deal will be sent upstairs to the big boss for further evaluation, tabulation and regurgitation.

Depending upon how much you are not dealing with in your everyday existence, the lines of demarcation in dreams will be blurred, obscured and deferred. In other words, you are the culprit who is hiding the truth from yourself.  (No one, other than yourself, is betraying you or derailing your efforts or intent.) You are the master subterfuge whose disguise is tremendously unreliable. What are you gong to do about your inability to accept your own smoke screen? Are you the least bit interested in tapping into the subconscious level of your dreams of clarification of your hidden artistic talent? Oh! Did I neglect to mention that along with buttressing your complicated thwarted aims in your dreams, you were also covering up incredible latent talent?

Sexual impetus is creative talent, period. You can not hide it forever. You must come clean with yourself in such a way that at first is frightening and awkward. All dreams mean something! Every aspect in the dream elucidates major themes undigested.  All dreams reveal conflict as its most base level. Do not be quick to condemn or elevate a status of a particular dream until you have spent time with the underlying energy pervading your waking hours because of it. Dreams can only be interpreted and processed through the emotional state, not through the eyes, ears, tastes sieved in rational methods. You are required to step beyond your ‘grip it or die’ attitude and allow a non-scenically approach to pervade you. In other words, you can not look directly at the dream for answers. You must look without conditioned familiar eyes.

Can you explain orgasm? Can you speak the words to describe it when it occurs or do you simply give way to the pleasure involved? This is the same approach needed for proper deciphering of dreams. And, in the very same vein when you try to achieve orgasm, it interferes with the occurrence, right? So you must stop trying so hard to interpret your dreams through known left over antics. Sexual instincts are often so ambiguously masked that to unravel a dream’s meaning with any hint of morality attached would surely distort the contents of the dream.  Stay with this erotic thought until it seeps into your protective moralistic being!

Names take on superior significance in dreams. Numbers play a vitalized role, as well. Sexual feelings are produced in waves of vibrations that are easily associated with names, symbols and numbers. This is the point where esotericism plays a major function. But, if you are not fluid in such matters, your ability to sensationally decode the meanings of your dreams will be somewhat limited and distorted. Surely, however, you can relate to birth dates, simple universal symbols, ages and especially to names!

(Making a huge leap here) Regardless of how you feel about Freud, (interpretative father of the hidden psychology in dreams) he was somewhere in the ballpark when he concluded that dreams often reveal the deepest, darkest, most morosely misunderstood and grossly exaggerated sexual fantasies we wish to encounter/express. However, I will add that these slightly demised often distorted uninterrupted sexual stirrings have more to do with unexpressed talent than demonized lustful intent. Talent demands demonstrable extension, and will manipulate any given circumstance to expand its prodigious boundaries. Be not fooled, however, there are many levels of manipulation, envy, egoism, jealousy, deprivation, exploitation, and authoritative control at work in all humans every minute. Unwarranted Unexpected Unexplained Ignited Sexual detonation (camouflaged talent) seizes every opportunity to exploit, master, utilize, experience and languish in each savory episode!

When human beings do not activate their innate lavishly endowed talent, (hidden beneath sexual inactivity or suppressed secret erotic desire) through creative outlets of/in obvious uncertain (somewhat dangerous) endeavors, they are more apt to conduct themselves in/on primal life sustaining levels. In other words, human beings resort to archaic boring mundane demonstrative activity seeking more security/ prestige /authority of some sort. It’s really rather pathetic to be so noticeably phony.

Dreams will reflect these unresolved issues of blatantly discontented emotional static fusion.  Dreams reveal untapped body wisdom available for processing. Dreams are not filled with flippant irresponsible messages unnecessarily. They are as relevant as the air you breathe each moment. Becoming fluently adept in deciphering dreams will take interest, effort and inclination to discover your latent sexually motivated talent. It’s more than worth the marvelous esoteric study involved.

Understanding, appreciating, reciprocating, and demonstrating authentic sexuality produces a life worth experiencing while inhabiting the earth plane. What’s your talent (unexpressed sexual desire) that you’re trying so hard to deny/mask?


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