Making Cable Lines (CATV)

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How to make a Cable line or jumper from cable jack to tv.

Items you will need are a roll, or piece of RG6 coaxial cable. RG6 fittings, or cable ends. Cable stripping tool, or some type of knife (Be Carefull!). Crimping tool for fittings, or pliers (depending on the type of fittings you are using.)

1. Get a piece of coax cable, Most common size is RG6.

2. Cut cable to desired length. Common length is 4FT.

3. Strip off 1/4 inch of outer shields and di-electric exposing copper center conducter.

4. Remove another 1/4 inch of outer jacket exposing shields.

5. Fold back shielding over outer jacket, away from di-electric.

6. Push on RG6 cable fitting onto each end of coax that is stripped back, Making sure di-electric is pushed up flush with inner part of fitting. ( if di-electric is not flush with inside of fitting it will cause interfierece with your signal causing snowy picture or loss of signal.)

7. Crimp fitting down.

8. you are now ready to connect your cable to your TV.

This type of cable can be used to connect anything with a 75 ohm barrel, such as cable modems, some entertainment systems, antennas, digital recievers.

When connecting line to TV or cable outlet, make sure fittings are screwed on tight to eliminate any interfierence of signal.

The measurements above will also work for other sizes of coax cable such as RG59 (much smaller, thinner cable than RG6 and is usually found in oled homes built in the 80’s) or RG11 (much larger cable than RG6, and will carry signal better over a long distance.

Enjoy your programming!


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