An Easy web site builder . You’re website is Almost already completed for you believe it or not.

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Build your own webpage with this for-personal or business website builder . Let’s face it , an easy web site builder is what we all want. Its enjoyable to create when the technical difficulties are removed. As mentioned though this online web site builder can even give you the full ecommerce if you’re willing to get the paid-for account. I personally find the free account more than sufficient for all my web creation needs.

The site is I discovered it sometime ago and can honestly say that it seems to only get better and better as they work on its back end design. This is a great site to even get your elderly parent involved in using. You can sign up for free and log on and show them the basics of simply dragging and dropping text, pictures, backgrounds and the whole encholatta. It can be a whole lot of fun for a newbie and it as well can save a whole lot of time for a professional.

The site is entirely flash enabled allowing you to make some of the most eye catching online displays worldwide. I may sound like a salesman for them but the truth of the matter is I find the wix site so practical. We even did a little site ourself for our blogs using this software: . We paid an extra few dollars to have our own domain name ( but that name simply redirects to our website.

The basic way to use this to create and design a website would be to simply avail of the pre-designed templates and simply rearrange the wording and or pictures. A pretty basic way to be able to create such a great professional looking site.

You can add a paypal button for others to be able to drop money right into your paypal account, you can even upload your own music or audio mp3’s and videos to incorporate. It’s a lot of fun and looks fantastic.

Once you get your site to the place you like it then you simply need to get the traffic (viewers) to surf on by. One of the best ever articles i’ve read on traffic comes from this link:

It’s all about using key words and similarly related topics.. Extremely beneficial and a must read for anyone.


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