A Look at the Health Claims of Asian Ginseng

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Asian ginseng and all ginseng for that matter has long been touted as a natural way to treat several conditions and diseases. The Asian variety of ginseng is not much different from its American cousin. For the most part, it is the root of the ginseng plant that is harvested when the plant is 5 years old or more. It has numerous compounds resident in the root tissue and more specifically the rather long root hairs that grow from the root. These are extracted for use as medicines.

Few of the proclaimed benefits of Asian ginseng have been proved with scientific data.


The reality is that many of them have not been proved wrong either. Very little true scientific research has been done to establish verifiable facts about this plant. Many of its benefits may be real or the result of the placebo effect.

Asian ginseng does have some verified health warnings that need to be heeded.


Because it does actually have some effect on most people, it should not be used while on other medications without consulting a medical professional. While it may have some benefits, it is known to increase the negative side effects of some drugs. It is advised that ginseng should not be taken by type 2 diabetics while they are on diabetes medication because it can affect the effectiveness of these drugs. It is not recommended to be taken with hypertension or blood pressure medications. It can cause them to lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Other similar recommendations are made for several prescription medications.

Cardiovascular treatment is generally regarded as its number one benefit.


Ginseng is believed to relax the nerves and bring about a more tranquil feeling in most people. This lowering of perceived stress can be beneficial to those who suffer from stress related illnesses like heart disease. The extent of this affect is a matter of debate, but limited studies have implied that it does actually have some benefit in bringing about a relaxed mood.

Asian ginseng has been linked anecdotally to improved memory and brain function.


It is purported to raise mental acuity and alertness in those who use it regularly. Because of this, some believe that it delays the progress of Alzheimer’s. The research is incomplete and unclear as to whether this happens or how it occurs. There are many people who take it daily to give their memory a boost. Whether this is a real boost or just wishful thinking is still being decided.

Better vitality and physical stamina have also been credited to the many effects of Asian ginseng.


This has been one of the primary effects that has been sought by those who take Asian ginseng. It is thought to improve strength and increase the immune system in people. Overall, those who take Asian ginseng for this reason have reported favorable results in the vast majority of cases. It does contain B12 and other minerals that should assist the body in maintaining and rebuilding tissue.

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