Cash for Clunkers Eligible Vehicles | Cash for Clunkers’ Eligible Vehicles List Available

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Economist Alan Blinder helped popularize the idea of a scrappage program, and the moniker “cash for clunkers,” with his July 2008 Op-Ed piece in the New York Times. The Cash for Clunkers eligible vehicles list has been made available by in an effort to try and help out consumers looking to take advantage of the government plan. The list works by proving the cash for clunker eligibility of each vehicle using a Cash for Clunkers calculator. The Cash for Clunkers eligible vehicles list 2009 is a comprehensive look at the vehicles that have lower mile per gallon ratings, and which could serve as a great way for consumers to take advantage of one of the newest government programs.

According to Associated Content, The Cash for Clunkers list that is working with takes into account calculations done on their internal Cash for Clunkers calculator. The Edmunds Cash for Clunkers calculator takes into account the type of vehicle that each owner is driving, the measure miles per gallon that the EPA states that given vehicle achieves, and how much of a credit that trading in one of the vehicles might gain for each consumer. Through not only a Cash for Clunkers calculator, but an extensive Cash for Clunkers eligible vehicles list, Edmunds is once again proving that they are one of the best vehicle purchase and sales research sites on the internet.

The purpose of the Cash for Clunkers government program is to help consumers trade in less fuel efficient vehicles for cars or trucks that can get better gas mileage on the road. The way that the Cash for Clunkers incentives work, or by the real name of the program, the Car Allowance Rebate System, is by classifying the miles per gallon of a particular vehicle, and offering a cash trade in value to the car based on how much of an increase in mpg rating that the new vehicle will receive. If the new vehicle gets at least 4 more MPG than the trade-in, but less than 10 MPG of improvement, the credit is $3,500 for the consumer. If the new car gets more than 10 MPG more than the trade-in vehicle, then the Cash for Clunkers credit is $4,500.

It is amazing how great of a resource that the Cash for Clunkers eligibility list can provide to internet savvy users looking to figure out if they should go ahead with this program. A quick glance at the list will tell a vehicle owner if they should try and go for the program, or if they should try to sell their vehicle on the open market. Sometimes car owners can be surprised and find the value of their vehicle is higher than they thought, and in lots of instances, the value of the credit could be worth way more than their vehicle would be if they sold it through the normal channels. It is in those instances that the Cash for Clunkers program is really going to succeed.


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