Personal Training Fitness for Senior Adults

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All adults need to keep fit, but personal training fitness differs for adults in various age groups.  Senior fitness training is very different when compared to the type of fitness a young adult would normally engage in for strength training.  There may be extenuating circumstances for the senior to consider including one’s overall physical health.  The senior also needs to give due consideration to preexisting conditions like that of hypertension if he or she is going to engage in cardio respiratory/strength endurance, and/or flexibility exercises.

When people age, the physical body tends to weaken, and in general, muscles will slowly lose their strength over a period of years.  It is highly recommended that individuals interested in partaking of strength training regimens should begin such regimens when they are young: this allows the body to fully adjust to the regimens and to grow used to regular physical exertion.  Nonetheless, it is still possible for a senior to start up a strength training program, provided they go about the process in the correct way.  Once a strength training program is begun, a senior can gain the benefit of increased range of mobility, better balance, and minimization of muscular issues.

Before beginning any strengthening program, it is highly recommended that the senior adult pay a visit to his or her selected physician.  This is particularly true for the individual that is taking hypertension medication.  While many exercises will aid in reducing high blood pressure issues, it is still vital for any senior adult to get a full physical before commencing on any kind of exercise regimen.  The doctor will be able to discuss in detail what exercises can be engaged in and what exercises should be avoided.

Once the doctor has cleared a senior adult so that they can engage in a body strengthening exercise regimen, the senior must select the appropriate program.  One will often find it that the most appropriate strengthening programs are those types of programs which are simplistic and easy to complete.  Programs that incorporate basic stretching exercises, and the best programs for seniors usually do not demand the use of expensive or extraordinary equipment.  Such exercise regimens do not necessarily need to be performed in a gym, but some seniors may feel more comfortable working with an exercise trainer who can help the senior and guide him or her through the program.

Senior adults can begin a strengthening fitness program by using light weights to start with, and he or she can progress with heavier weights if they feel they are physically capable of doing so.  It is important not to become overzealous about an exercise program and that the senior consider taking the program slowly.  It’s very easy to over exert oneself and it is important to avoid bodily strain.  Light weights can be purchased at a variety of stores for very little cost: these weights can be used to strengthen our muscles, triceps, biceps, and to stretch the muscles so that they become more flexible and easier to use.  What’s absolutely fantastic about the latter exercises is that the senior doesn’t have to be in a standing position to use arm weights: light weights can be used while the seniors comfortably seated in a chair so there is no risk of falling or over exerting one’s back or legs.  Finally, strength exercises for the legs are equally important and before such exercises are conducted, appropriate stretching should be performed to ensure flexibility during exercise.


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