Fallout 3 Achievement guide

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D. The Power of the Atom
E. The Wasteland Survival Guide
F. Following in His Footsteps
G. Galaxy News Radio
H. Scientific Pursuits
I. Tranquility Lane
J. The Replicated Man
K. The Waters of Life
L. Trouble on the Homefront
M. Strictly Business
N. Rescue from Paradise
O. Big Trouble in Big Town
P. Picking up the Trail
Q. Finding the Garden of Eden
R. Blood Ties
S. Tenpenny Tower
T. Oasis
U. The Superhuman Gambit

D. The Power of the Atom
– Completed “The Power of the Atom” 20G
– As soon as you leave the Vault, make your way to Megaton. Talk
to Sheriff Lucas. Ask about the bomb and about defusing it. Once
you defuse it, talk back to the sheriff and you will get this
achievement. Your explosives must be at 25 to defuse the bomb.
You can go in the Bar and talk to a guy about rigging it to blow,
but you will miss quite a few achievements if you take this path.

E. The Wasteland Survival Guide
– Completed “The Wasteland Survival Guide” 20G
– This quest is started in Craterside Supply in Megaton. Talk to
the shop owner Moira and she will want you to do a bunch of research
for her. There are 3 chapters total with 3 objectives in

– Chapter 1
1 Find food at the Super Duper Mart
– Go there and dispose of the Raiders. You will find food in
the back and some medicine in a medicine box.
2 Contract Radiation Sickness
– Just go to the big bomb in the middle of Megaton, stand in
the water until your radiation sickness is high enough.
3 Traversing a Mine Field
– Go to Minefield and explore a little bit, there is a sniper
on the tower there. If your explosives skill is high enough,
disarm a mine for Moira.
– Chapter 2
1 Test the repellent on Mole Rats
– You must go to the location that is given and use the
replellent stick on a few mole rats, then return.
2 Place an observer unit inside a Mirelurk nest
– If you want to do this one right, make sure you have a high
sneak skill and move slowly past the Mirelurks until you
reach their nest. Then put the unit in an egg sack. It
doesn’t matter if you go in guns ablazing, but you won’t
get the bonus reward.
3 Injure yourself for more than 50% of your Health
– Just walk outside and fall off the edge of a high platform.
– Chapter 3
1 Research Rivet City’s History
– Travel to Rivet City and speak to Belle in the Bar. She will
tell you to talk to Pinkerton. Speak to him and gain access
to his terminal.
2 RobCo Production Facility Mainframe
– You have to get to the mainframe in the Robco Building. The
robots there are very hostile so be on guard. Make it to the
top floor and hack the terminal.
3 Arlington Public Library
– Just go to the Arlington Public Library and use the card
catalog at the front desk.

F. Following in His Footsteps
– Completed “Following in His Footsteps” 20G
– Talking to Moriarty in the Megaton Saloon. He will point you to
Three Dog at GNR. Go there and talk to Three Dog.

G. Galaxy News Radio
– Completed “Galaxy News Radio” 20G
– As soon as you make it to Three Dog, ask him about his messed
up satellite dish. He will tell you to go to the Museum of
technology. Go there and take care of the Super Mutants and
retrieve the dish. Install the dish and then go back to Three

H. Scientific Pursuits
– Completed “Scientific Pursuits” 20G
– Once you complete the dish for Three Dog, he will tell you to
look for your father at Rivet City. Go there and go to the
labs. Speak with Doctor Li. She will tell you to go to Project
Purity which is the Jefferson Memorial. There are a few Super
Mutants here, so be on guard. Look for your dad’s tapes, once
you find them, they will tell you to go to Vault 112. Go there
and enter the Simulation Pod.

I. Tranquility Lane
– Completed “Tranquility Lane” 20G
– Once you are inside the Simulation in Vault 112, this quest will
start. Go to the middle of the simulation and talk to the little
girl. It will want you to do a bunch of bad deeds. If you do not
want to mess up your karma, look for an abandoned house and go
inside. Once inside click on the radio, glass pitcher, gnome,
glass pitcher, cement block, gnome, and then click the soda bottle.
This will open a hidden terminal. Access it and click on the
Chinese Invasion program. Then walk outside and to the door in
the middle of the playground.

J. The Replicated Man
– Completed “The Replicated Man” 20G
– You can start this quest in Rivet City, speak to Dr. Zimmerman.
He will tell you to ask around about a missing android. Talk to
Victoria in the Marketplace and she will give you a spare part.
Take it back to Dr. Zimmerman and this quest will be completed.

K. The Waters of Life
– Completed “The Waters of Life” 20G
– After you save your dad from the simulation, go to Rivet City.
Talk to the people in the Science Labs and they will tell you
to back to Project Purity(Jefferson Memorial). Go in and clear
out the Super Mutants so it is safe for your dad and the
scientists. You will then have to get power running again.
You will then get put in a cutscene and then must escape through
the sewers.

L. Trouble on the Homefront
– Completed “Trouble on the Homefront” 20G
– This quest will start on the main Wasteland World Map. After
you have done a few things in the Wasteland, teleport back to
Vault 101 and you will hear a distress signal on your radio.
Go inside the Vault and you will learn that the Overseer is
really corrupt. You can talk to the Overseer or you can kill
him, but either way once you leave the Vault, you will never
be able to return, so be sure to grab that bobblehead on
your dad’s desk.

M. Strictly Business
– Completed “Strictly Business” 20G
– You may want to save this for one of the last quests you do.
You must enslave people needed for other quests and could ruin
your ability to do the other quests. This quest starts in
Paradise Falls. The guy at the gate Grouse, wants you to enslave
a few people. He will give you a Mesmotron and a slave collar.
The people you must enslave are
– Flak From Rivet City
– Red From Big Town
– Susan Lanchester From Tenpenny Tower
– Arkansas From MineField (the guy sniping)
If someone is dead, they will not be on the list, you must
enslave at least one or two for the quest to be completed.

N. Rescue from Paradise
– Completed “Rescue from Paradise” 20G
– For this one, you must get into Paradise Falls. There are
kids being held captive in a fence inside. YOu can go in
guns ablazing and kill every guard in the town or you can do
the alternate route which makes you hack Eulogy’s terminal.

O. Big Trouble in Big Town
– Completed “Big Trouble in Big Town” 20G
– This quest starts in Big Town. When you enter the town you
will find out about a girl named Red being kidnapped by
Super Mutants. You will be instructed to go to a prison
Camp overrun by Super Mutants to rescue her. Once you have
went there and killed everything and rescued her, this quest
is completed.

P. Picking up the Trail
– Completed “Picking up the Trail” 20G
– After escaping the sewers and making your way into the Citidal.
You will get a layout of all the Vaults. You will be instructed
to go to Vault 87 which is totally covered in Radiation. The
only way in it through Little Lamplight which is a town ran
by kids. Once you get there, talk to Mayor MacCready. Convince
him to let you in the town and make your way to Murder Pass,
speak with Princess and then go find MacCready again and convice
him to let you into Murderpass. Once in, this achievement will

Q. Finding the Garden of Eden
– Completed “Finding the Garden of Eden” 20G
– You must make your way through Vault 87 in search of the GECK.
The Vault is over run by Super Mutants, so be on guard. You
can make friends with one Super Mutant named Faux that is in
the experiment cells. You can lead him to the GECK since the
room is filled with radiation or you can be hardcore and make
your own way in and get it, but be sure to bring lots of Radaway.
Once you have the GECk, make your way out.

R. Blood Ties
– Completed “Blood Ties” 20G
– This quest starts in Arefu. Speak with the Sheriff. Then check
the houses and you will find one that is full of dead bodies.
Report back to the sheriff and he will tell you to investigate
some of the northern places. Go to the Metro Station and you
will run into two ghouls that are friendly. You can talk to
them or you find the mini room full of toxic containers. Look
at the floor and you will be able to enter the sewer lid. Once
inside make your way to the lair of the wannabe vampires. Talk
to them and convince them to let the Ian go. Then talk to
Vincet and convince him. You will then have to talk to Ian and
he will make a choice. Then report back to Evan in Arefu.

S. Tenpenny Tower
– Completed “Tenpenny Tower” 20G
– When you get to Tenpenny Tower, you will see a ghoul outside the
gate. After the ghoul leaves, speak into the intercom. Once you
gain access you will be instructed to deal with the ghouls at the
trainyard sewers. You can either go and kill all the ghouls or
help them. If you help the ghouls whether its convince everyone
the ghouls are nice and can live there or opening the hatch to
let the ghouls in, the people will die either way, it’s your

T. Oasis
– Completed “Oasis” 20G
– This quest starts in Oasis which is like in the northern middle
part of your map. It is the only place in the Wasteland that has
trees and is green. When you get there you will have to be
clensed. Afterwards you will be put in an area with a talking
tree named Harold. Apparently this character was in Fallout 1
and 2. So I guess that is some history trivia. Harold wants to
die. He doesn’t like being a tree, and wishes you to go into
a cave and find his heart and kill him. You have to talk to
some of the Treeminder people and get a key to the cave as well
as some medicince to either kill Harold or make him grow faster.
Doesn’t matter which you choose, the quest will still complete.

U. The Superhuman Gambit
– Completed “The Superhuman Gambit” 20G
– This quest starts in Canterbury Commons. When you get into
town, you will see two super hero type people fighting. One
using robots and the other using Giant Ants. Talk to the
town people and they will request your help to get rid of them.
The super hero’s lairs are right near the town. The Antogonizer
is easier to get rid of, but if you want some adventure, the
Mechanist is at the Robot Repair Center. To dispatch of him,
you must fight your way through robots and get to the elevater
at the end, and must have a lockpick skill of 75 to face him.
Once you dispatch of either superhero, return to Canterbury
and talk to Uncle Roe.


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