Choosing the Right Laptop or Notebook

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First of all, you should look at the specifications. You should look for an 2 MB L2 Cache. I Would recommend at least a 2 GB Ram, and at least 100 GB hardrive.,, and have a large variety of laptops and notebooks. I recommend Office Depot because they have Coupons and Discounts every Week! Get a laptop that fits yours needs. If you are more of a person on the go, I would recommend a laptop or notebook no larger then 16″ diagonally. I myself, would recommend ethier HP or Toshiba but that is totally up to you.

You can find Laptops on sale on many sites as well. You may want Windows Vista, or just Windows Xp. You can get a good laptop with these specs for only $600 with some discounts: 4 GB Ram, Windows Vista Premium, 64 Bit, 2 MB L2 Cache, and a Web cam! If you purchase a Laptop or Notebook with Windows Vista Premium or Business you get a free upgrade to Windows 7! This is offered directly by Microsoft, not the retailers you bought it from. This also excludes Windows Vista Home Edition. You may also want to look at the processor. I would recommend buying a Intel processor but that is just my opinion. AMD processor can also be worth it. But if you want my opinion, buy Intel. There are a lot of companies you can buy from including: HP, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Acer and much more! I would recommend reading the return policy before you buy it because you may not like it. Good luck buying a Laptop or Notebook, and have a great day!


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