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Thought about Moses lately? Living on the Spiritual Basis, we strive for a conscious contact with God, the purpose of the work. Moses, according to the narrative, had a pretty stout conscious contact with God. The relationship so deep, God chose him to receive the Ten Commandments, the new blueprint for living. Moses was not chosen at random, God chose him because of the strength, unwavering faith and belief he demonstrated. His willingness to go to any extreme for a spiritual experience; taking some pretty unpopular stands against recognized spiritual authority along the way, the demonstration of his love of God. The Moses narrative happened around 3,500 years ago give or take and he holds a revered position in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; no small accomplishment, but what significance could this have for us today, in the modern world? His story shows that through demonstration of faith and the willingness to go to any lengths, God can be so moved as to appear in physical form. There is much we can learn from those who have traveled the road of happy destiny before us, if we can set aside predjudice and preconceived notions and study with our hearts as well as our mind. As with all spiritual teaching, listen to your heart, take what you need and leave the rest and do not be afraid to kick sacred cows to the side of the road. The greatest barrier to spiritual growth is a closed mind, keep an open mind and heart, listen and learn daily, pray and meditate with joy, never out of a sense of duty. In so doing we become more like Moses, admit it, though it would scare the bejezus out of you, a speaking burning bush would be pretty cool, so to borrow from a commercial tag line: Got Moses?


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