Audio production schools or internet schooling right now

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If you are contemplating the best audio production schools, think again. All you really need is some good “old fashion” old? Ha , internet schooling. People like myself who have plenty of years of production skills are much of the time more than willing to share helpful tips along the way. One thing to do is search on the internet for the “how to’s” of audio production. Many different viewpoints are always good to consider as we all can come at the same topic with a different light or viewpoint.

Very important to any audio production will be your computer software. In this particular instance you can get free software that will do the job very nicely. Do a search on google for “audacity” . It will bring you to superb recording software that in many opinions is second to none.

After you download your software and set it up , you will need to experiment with it or simply just play around with it to get a feel for what nice little goodies each of those pull down tabs have. Great effects and tools are included in the software for you to make super recording productions.

Important to note if you would like a clean crisp audio sound would be a choice of a good microphone and also  a correct setup as to how you connect your mic. You should make sure that you have your mic feeding through a powered mixer and then going into your LINE-IN on your computer.

Make sure that the line-in is “checked” in your sound properties too so as to bypass the usual default setting of laptop/computer mic-input. (double click your little speaker down in the right hand bottom corner of your computer screen to find this).

There is more we could talk of here but if you get started with these things and practice / play-experiment with recording and effects etc.. you will be well on your way to an inexpensive learning experience to a masterful audio production career.


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