My Interview with water expert and best-selling author John Hinds.

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I have had the privelege to interview John Hinds, author of the Amazon best-selling book “What’s in your water“, a book that speaks about the hidden dangers lurking in all forms of potable water. John is also the president and founder of which is dedicated to bringing awareness and up to date information about the state of our water supply. John thank you for taking some time out to answer some questions.

Sutekh: What event or events sparked the cause for concern about our drinking water?

JH:Great question. There have been a few events that cause concern about our water and the one that sticks out is the AP Story from March 2008 that reported that pharmaceutical drugs were found in the tap water of 28 major U.S. Cities, putting at least 41 million Americans at risk.

Sutekh:That’s very alarming,Is this what inspired you to write this book?

JH: Well, it wasn’t just that. I have done extensive research and discovered that pharmaceutical drugs are just the tip of the iceberg. Approximately 249 million Americans consume tap water (drink, cook and shower) and it’s contaminated with a variety of substances. Weed killer, pesticides, oil and other chemicals have been found in tap water. So, I wrote the book to educate consumers on the dangers of tap water and to provide them with solutions to making it safe again. In fact, even the chlorine that municipalities put in tap water to kill bacteria is harmful to humans.

Sutekh: That is a lot of harmful substances. You mention chlorine, in my own research one issue I found chlorine causes is it allows candida overrun the human body. What kind of effects are these chemicals having on us and how are they getting in there?

JH: Well, basically anything you pour down the drain invariably ends up in our water supply. Also, farm runoff contributes to the contamination of tap water as well as illegal dumping and


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