How to Store and Organize Your Christmas Decorations in 5 Easy Steps

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Clark Griswold in the movie “Christmas Vacation” could use some training in how to store and organize Christmas decorations. It’s always a kick to see him grab the huge twisted ball of light strings out of the cardboard box and hand it to his son to take care of. In this article, we’ll look at the Top 5 ways you can store and organize your own Christmas decorations.

Fortunately, numerous options for storing your Christmas decorations are available that will protect your holiday valuables while taking up a minimum amount of floorspace. Whether you’re storing your Christmas decorations in your attic, basement, garage, or shed, you’ll find this list of Top 5 Christmas decoration storage tips very handy.

5) Plastic Trash or Fabric Laundry Bags. For soft, non-delicate items such as Christmas garland, pillows, and tree skirts, typical plastic trash or fabric laundry bags will suffice. Drawstring bags are best for this application, but plastic trash bags add greater protection against mold, mildew, and dust. For maximum protection and storage efficiency, consider purchasing space-saving Space Bags.

4) Plastic Christmas Ornament Boxes. If you wrestle with how to store your rounded glass Christmas tree ornaments every year, consider purchasing a plastic Christmas ornament box. When you see then in the store, they look like large, square plastic egg crates.

3) Carts With Drawers On Wheels. These handy plastic carts with drawers can be wheeled into a room for easy retrieval of its contents. Store smaller items such as ornament hooks, bows, ribbons, miniature holiday florals, and Christmas shelf dcor. Purchase green or red plastic carts; plastic carts with clear drawers; or metal-frame carts with canvas drawers.

2) Plastic Christmas Wreath Boxes. You can find these rounded plastic boxes at major retail outlets during the holiday season only. You place your Christmas wreath inside the box, close it up, and store. It’s better than a plastic bag or box in the sense that the shape and integrity of the wreath is preserved. Plastic Christmas wreath boxes are also great for holiday wreaths that have fragile dcor including ceramic angels, delicate pinecones, light strings, and glass ornaments.

1) Red or Green Plastic Christmas Storage Tubs. These handy storage boxes come in Christmas colors to denote Christmas decorations inside. Freely stack boxes as high as you want in your attic, garage, or basement without fear of crushing the contents of each box. They are durable, so if you kick or knock them, their contents will remain intact. Purchase different size Christmas storage boxes for each need; for example, use smaller boxes for heavier items such as decorative mantletop stocking hangers.

Storing your Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be an organizational nightmare. With proper storage methods, you can safely protect your Christmas decorations while at the same time preserving valuable floorspace in your home.


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