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Have you ever heard the saying “The money is in the LIST”?

I’m sure you have heard it a thousand times. I’m sure you are also aware that all the well known Internet Marketers make the majority of their online income through their email lists and through other Internet Marketers promoting their products and services through their email list.

So if you know all of that, my next question is…

…do YOU have an email list?

If you do have your own opt-in email list, are you making money from it? If you are, then great! If not, then keep reading.

If you are someone who doesn’t have your own opt-in email list, then why not? You know the money is in the list! 😉

Lots of people put opt-in forms on their websites because they know that once you get people on your list, you will then be able to make more money with your business because you will have more opportunities to sell to people.

Once you sell a good product to someone and they are happy with the results they got from the product, then they will trust your advice and are more likely to buy again from you in the future.

But they have to know about these new products you will eventually offer before they can buy it. If they are regular visitors to your website then there isn’t a problem but if they’re not, then how will they know? Also, with the amount of websites that could be competing in your market, they may be distracted by other sites.

It’s kind of like your favourite retail store. You love shopping there because of the great deals but you won’t go there everyday to see if something new is on sale. Well at least most of us won’t ;-). You don’t even think of it. But when your local paper comes to your door, the first thing you do is look for your favourite retail store’s sales flyer.

This is the same thing with an opt-in list. Once you create a relationship with them, they will look forward to your emails and you have the ability to tell them about any new product offers you will have in the future.

Many people are also intimidated by auto-responders and see them as a lot of work.

-you have to sign up to a company to receive these services

-you have to figure out how to set it up so you can automatically send a sequence of emails

-you have to figure out how to make one of those opt-in box thingies to collect email addresses

-you want to put the opt-in box on a squeeze page but don’t know how to create a squeeze page or how to put it on your squeeze page

Hey you know what? That is a lot of work! Well at least the writing of an email series that provides your subscribers a lot of fantastic valuable information, can be hard work. But that type of hard work is worth it because you will have very satisfied customers that will be thinking if this person is giving away this for free, just imagine how valuable their paid stuff must be.

All the other stuff will also be a lot of work to do for someone that has never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be.

I have found a list building guide called “Big List Bucks” that provides 7 videos that shows you step-by-step how to:

-set up your auto-responder
-how to build your list fast
-how to find starving crowds
-how to create a squeeze page that attracts people to opt-in
-how to create emails that people will open
-how to create emails that will encourage people to buy
-how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your squeeze page

This package contains all the information that you need to finally get started on building a profitable list. All the information is laid out in easy to follow videos that will make the hard scary part of starting, a breeze. If you learn better by reading text, the guide is also available in PDF format. Plus if you would like to listen to it while you are travelling, Big List Bucks is available in mp3 format as well.

So there you have it, there is no more excuse! You know how profitable list building can be and now you can be shown the right way to do it, the profitable way to do it and best of all, and the easy way to do it. Go check out “Big List Bucks” now


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