Keyword Optimization for Dummies

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Keyword Optimization for Dummies

So you want to get your page noticed?  Well there are some basic things you can do to achieve that.  I call these tips Keyword Optimization for Dummies because they are relatively easy to do and can really help the search engines take notice of your page.

First thing that really helps increase your page rank when you Keyword Optimize (SEO) is using long-tail specific keywords.  Having your keyword be “water” is bad because it is far too general.  Your page is going to be competing against too many other pages with the keyword “water.”  Instead try a phrase like “best tasting spring water.”  For example, the long-tail keyword I’m using is “keyword optimization for dummies.”  The more specific the long-tail keywords are, the less competition generally, and the more rank you will get when someone types in that phrase.  You can get a basic idea of how many pages you are competing with if you type your long-tail keywords inside of quotes on your search engine.  You will see results listed and a rough estimate of how many pages out there are competing against you.

On your page you want to use that keyword-phrase in your title.  Also …
When you do keyword optimization for dummies H1 tags for your title seem to make the keywords stand out to search engines.

You want to use your keyword-phrase in your first paragraph to keyword optimize.  Again, if you can bold it without making it look stupid, then bold it.

If your page has a link, make sure you use the keyword-phrase in the link text.  Also, bolded.

Finally, use your keyword string again in the last paragraph of your page.  By placing your keywords like this you should be able to greatly increase your search engine visibility without too much hassle.  Keyword Optimization For Dummies is very easy to implement.


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