Wild Word Garden: A language game

Wild Word Garden combines a variety of language skills into a colorful, garden-building brain game. You are a gardener that nurtures plants from seedlings into full, beautiful blooms. This diverse assortment of plants can be added to your very own garden plot, along with an assortment of special “Wild Card” decorations, including: Garden Gnomes, Pink Flamingos and Scarecrows. Well-groomed gardens with orderly rows of similar plants earn special bonuses. Good luck, and happy gardening.

Featured Benefits of Playing:

  • Improve verbal fluency and word stem completion
  • Solve challenging “Wild Words”
  • Bonus visual matching puzzle game

Language is a primary and fundamental function of the brain. We use language so often to communicate and to survive that it is thought to be a “dominant” function related to the “dominant hemisphere”. In most persons this is the left hemisphere.

Language is complex and includes expression, repetition, and comprehension. Language also involves “prosody” or the pitch and inflexion of the words. We use language when we listen, read, write, and sign. Our entire western civilization, if not the entire world, depends heavily on the use of language. A stroke of the dominant hemisphere can be damaging to the language system and cause significant problems for the victim.

All our games offer a variety of activities that help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills in an entertaining fashion. The games are tightly integrated with an extensive suite of easy-to-use personalization tools that provide individualized sessions for each user as well as comprehensive brain fitness metrics that measures individual performance and progress. The Fit Brains platform will also integrate a variety of social components to enhance and extend the overall brain fitness experience.

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