Do You Have Dreams?

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Sometimes, dreams are what keep us looking forward when things are at their worst.

In life, there will be times when we can’t control what happens to us no matter how well we make plans for our lives/futures. It is in times likes this that we need to have something to cling on to. Dreams can be what keep us going when life is at its toughest and when things don’t go our way.

I am sure most of us, if not all of us, have dreams. Whether our dreams are big dreams or not, what is more important is that they are our dreams – we OWN our dreams. Sometimes on our life journey, we may lose sight of our dreams because we get so caught up with other things or we get distracted. But if our dreams mean enough to us regardless of whether they are big dreams or not so big dreams, we will get back on track and pursue them again.

Many a time, in the pursuit of our dreams, we will encounter obstacles. Do we give up our dreams whenever we encounter obstacles or difficulties? Or do we pursue our dreams despite these obstacles/difficulties? If we can achieve our dreams easily, we may not treasure them after a while. Would you prefer to have easily achievable dreams or do you prefer the hard-to-achieve dreams? It depends, I suppose, on a lot of factors. Personally, I would prefer to have dreams that are somewhere in between – neither easily achievable nor hard-to-achieve.

To all of you who have dreams for your lives, I would like to encourage you to go all out to pursue them!

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