How to train your dog

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If you are struggling to get your dog to learn how to use the bathroom outside then I can offer you some help.  If you are afraid to get a dog becuase you know nothing about training a dog this will also be helpful information to you as well.

In just about any pet store you can purchase scented pads that attract dogs to relieve themselves on the pad instead of on your carpet.  If you place these pads near the door this will start training your dog to not use the bathroom on the floor.  This will turn out to be expensive if you use this route because you will be buying new pads all the time.

When you start to train a dog to use the bathroom outside take them out the same door of your house every time.  Once the dog gets use to this pattern they will start to scratch at the door you use to take them outside.

If you get a kennel for your dog this is an excellent way to train your dog.  Feed your dog during the day, but at night take the food away so you can help your dog make it threw the night without having to go to the bathroom.  At night put your dog in the kennel, dog don’t use the bathroom where they sleep.  Whenever you take the dog out of the kennel make sure you take them to the bathroom.  The dog will quickly learn a routine using this method.  Once you feel your dog is ready you can take the kennel away and allow your pet to enjoy your home.


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