Who stole Christmas and gave us PC crap

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I am not a ultra religious person but why is there such a fear of Christmas? Why are there no Christmas songs in student performances. Why are we afraid of sending a card that says Merry Christmas? Are we afraid of who we are and who founded this nation?

We were founded on the freedom of religion and not the freedom from religion. Why do we not stand up and say you are free to believe in Christ or not? You are not free to say what I can believe or how I celebrate. We were founded as a Christian nation that allowed other faiths to practice. We are now a nation that is afraid to offend at all costs.

We need to take Christmas back.  We are all free to follow the faith of our choice but not to try to bend a culture so we are never offended. Please take a stand for freedom of religion. If we let the PC crowd win we will have no beliefs. Why celebrate snow is that who we are. If you are Muslim or Jewish do you celebrate snow? Let us be true to our faith and celebrate a Merry Christmas.

Why support stores who are afraid to say Merry Christmas? Why support a store that will not  allow the Salvation Army to stand in front of their store? Why not give support to stores that aren’t so PC. In the end Merry Christmas and if you are offended too bad!


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