Reviewing Tony’s Restaurant in Houston, Texas

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Tony’s is located in the middle of Richmond at 3755 Richmond, and as soon as you enter the restaurant you will be taken away by its architecture. In the dining room, the ceilings are high and in between some of the tables you will modern art statues that seem to look down at you if they had a face, but the place offers other areas as well such as the wine library with its walls covered with a selection of wines, and it only has one table where you can have a quiet evening with some friends or your family. Or the wine cellar which can hold up to 60 people so it is a bigger space than the wine library and this room also has the walls tapered with a wide selection of wines. Or you can decide to enjoy your meal at the bar, while listening to the pianist play, sitting by the fireplace and watch the water wall on the other side of the glass for some relaxation.

For appetizers you can have some raw foods such as the beef tenderloin Carpaccio, or the agrumi trio which is tuna, salmon and red snapper with extra virgin olive oil and citrus for $17.00. And then move on to some of their dishes that they call “Passione” such as the agnolotti di ricotta, which are ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta with sage and truffle oil for $12.00, or the pappardelle Bolognese which are hand crafted pasta with a meat tomato sauce for $14.00, or a delicious pansoti with lobster, which is butternut squash pasta with a parmesan puff and lobster for $17.00.

For a normal entrée you can try their Porcini Cappucino, which is a wild mushroom soup for $9.00, Profiterole San Daniele which is pate stuffed beignet for $15.00, or an insalata Genovese, which is a pinwheel of tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and roman artichokes for $12.00 if you want to stay light.

Or if you prefer the meats, poultry and fish you can order the roast “Amish” chicken brigade which is chicken with a tart orange sauce for $24.00, the tenderloin saltimbocca which are beef rolls with prosciutto, fontina cheese, sage and marsala for $33.00 or the snapper Sheridan which is red snapper with crabmeat with roasted peppers, peas and a citrus Bianco for $26.00.


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