Should Bad Words be a part of our Daily Vocabulary?

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Some people feel that it’s acceptable to use bad words in everyday language. After all, there’ll always be new bad words so why bother going up against them at all? Others feel that it’s the very nature of using bad words rarely that makes them occasionally acceptable.

Argument One:
If we incorporate bad words into our vocabulary, they will lose their hateful meanings and become accepted. While people can always make new words, if we assimilate them as quickly as possible, soon there will not be any bad words left and people will have to revolve their issues in an intelligent manner, such as properly debating your thoughts.

Argument Two:
We need bad words to stay bad words because if we use them in daily life, like to greet people, they lose their power. Because they lose power, when you do end up being mad, the bad words will not suffice to truly show up your anger. If we don’t have bad words to use when we are extremely mad, what will we use to show people they’ve crossed a line? Violence?
Now that’s not a good option.

This was just some food for thought. I can definitely see both sides of the argument, however I’ll stick with argument two. While argument one claims we would come up with intelligent ends to our disputes, the fact is some people become too hot-headed to think rationally. If they can’t think rationally, they can’t intelligently discuss a feeling-upon which either bad words or violence would come out. I’d prefer the bad words.


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