Is the Search for Online Dropshippers Exhausting You?

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Finding Online Dropshippers:  The Challenge

One of the most difficult tasks facing many new eCommmerce enterprises today is that of finding qualified, legitimate online dropshippers.  Dropshipping scams and fly-by-night directories abound, making it difficult for an entrepreneur to make efficient use of time and money in the early stages of his/her dropshipping business planning.

Dropshipping Trends

There are two major factors driving the surge in traction for dropshipping business:  one technology-related and one market-related.

The Internet has, of course, globalized the world of commerce and provided opportunity for disintermediation along the supply chain.  In simple terms, this means that manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of products have begun to use the Internet to increase their exposure to retailers.  Gone are the days when large retail outlets cornered the market on product distribution – now, smaller retailers are able to connect with suppliers and can dropship products directly to consumers, whom the retailers connect with online.

The worsening economic climate has had a direct impact, also, on the level of interest in dropshipping.  As more people have lost traditional employment, they are turning to non-traditional forms of work, such as dropshipping opportunities.

Dropshipping:  The Challenge

It’s great that more online retailers want to dropship, that means that more wholesalers open themselves up to the possibility of such business relationships.  However, this also increases the level of competition in the dropshipping marketplace and places pressure on dropshippers to perform at a higher level within the sector in order to succeed.

Finding Good Online Dropshippers

It’s an anomaly really, that in an age of instant, global access and information it can be so difficult to find qualified, legitimate dropshippers.  Why is that?  The most likely reason is quite simple:  nothing is free and everyone wants something from you (ok, it’s not quite that bad).  There is a premium on time and space, even in the ‘virtually free’ world of the Internet.  Essentially, everyone is trying to push something.

Yes, it’s a cynic’s view, but it’s served us relatively well at The Dropship Advisor.  Our mission is to provide informed, objective information on legitimate online dropshipping business opportunities.

Ok, so we’re trying to push something, too – our directory and our information.  Our contributing editors have a great deal of experience with eCommerce and dropshipping themselves.  They’ve been there and understand how intense the process of finding the best online dropshippers can be.

Avoid the hassle and the mess of wading through search results and researching and contacting dropshippers ad nauseum.  Benefit from our experience.  Our information, advice and feedback are free.  Browse the links below to check out information on your favorite Online Dropshippers.

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