Go Get The Money, Paris!

Now, imagine blog as our home. No.. no… not home, hmm… blog is more like ourselves! Yes, blog is the representation of our image in internet. It is who we are, what we are. It is our mirror. But it is not just a conventional mirror, it is the witch from snow white’s mirror. It will change our hideous face into the face of Paris Hilton if we wanted to (but ofcourse with different brain:D ).

What is that mean? It means, blog is the commercial’s face of ours. If you are housewife, your blog is the supermodel type of housewife. If you are just ordinary, your blog must be beyond ordinary. The more interesting your “image” are, the more higher people will put a price on it. So this is why, to bring the treasure into the surface, the only thing you have to do is creating a selling point for your blog.

What is selling point? Means, what attract people to visit, to drop by, to come in. But you must also realize that in marketing world, having quality product it doesn’t mean you will conquer the market. Being clever medical student, doesn’t make you a famous doctor.

So what do we need? We need both attractive blog’s contents plus brilliant promotion. (we will discuss about this topic exclusively in next article).

When you mastered all those two, your vehicle to victory will be ready to launch.
Your BLOG.
It had good traffic.
A lot of people come in to read what it said every minutes.
They came from all over the world.

Now you can make money each time your visitors knocking at your door, or when during walking around your “homie”, or right about a second before they leave it.

How’s that possible? Well, internet make all things possible.

1. Make Money When Visitor Come In:

PPP (Paid Per Play)

This technology still under development. Though some say that it is fake/scam/simply not good idea, PPP I think gonna change the whole face of advertisement in internet. When people walking to your blog, they will hear/see right away an information. It can be about the new product that just being launched, info about how chocolate can be your aphrodisiac, or simply rumor on the girl next door wearing new perfume, etc etc… For only short moment, people will catch up with audio, video, music, any form of media advertisement, right in your blog. So it is like turning on the radio when you start up your car, or automatically hear music when you enter restaurant. Something that grab your visitor’s attention without really taking much of their time.

PPC (Paid Per Click)

PPC putting text/image advertisement in your blog, immediately catch the beholder’s eyes. Sometime, they got ‘caught’ on this first, before the page even finished loading, and decided to postpone walking into your blog, and visit the advert instead. This is harmless for you. You still gonna earn either way, coz the PPC provider had put track on the advert so that they know from which blog their visitor coming from. This also means the same when you just put your affiliate banner in any space in your blog (to make sure it grant greater impact u should choose the right spot, more on this later)

2. Make Money With Visitor Walking Around Your Blog.

Paid Per Review

You will be paid for making review of particular products in your blog. To get into this point, you should realized that first you need to have good page rank and traffic rank (what is page and traffic rank? And how we gonna achive it? Talk about it sometime later). But once you are qualified, it should be easier for you to master this program (I promise to write a tutorial about “how to start writing”, in the future)

Your Own Review About the Affiliate Program that You Joined

Make a nice post about the affiliate program that you encountered. Tell people how this is will help them getting extra cash. Show them your proof. Guide them on how to register, and on how to promote it. Paste your referral id, so that they can signup using it. Be honest about it, promise them to give free tutorial if they become your downline. Keep the promise, so that they be asure that you are truth to your words.

3. Make Another Extra Cash When Someone Leaving Your Blog

Paid Per Link

This is the term that allow you to get paid by linking your link to these services. I didn’t recommend you to put all the link inside your blog linking to theirs. Coz it might caused inconvenience to your audiences. Just put your freebies to link to theirs. Mention this to your visitor so that they know that you giving away something free for a cost that’s not trouble them a penny.

Paid Per Upload

Make sure that you upload your freebies to file hosting service that pay you for sharing your download URL. The more people download your freebies, the more you get cash.

Now this just few ways. You will find more way to earn cash by simply googling. And we will discuss it one by one on my next article, so that you know which site that really legit and which one is simply scam. I will also give you some tips and tricks on how you can get close to your “Uncle’s Scoorage’s Pool” using all the free “shout cut” out there.

So, behold! See u in my next article!

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