How to Bend Metal With Your Bare Hands

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Want to know how to bend metal with your bare hands?  There are some concepts you must remember before you attempt it.

You need to focus.  Know that you ARE stronger than that metal in your hands.  Because you are. Bones and muscles can apply more force than you would believe. Bones are stronger than steel, and muscles only use about 1/3 of their potential at any given moment. You have the strength and durability to do this.

Get a good grip on the object. Your grip has to be solid. No movement, no slippage.  Set yourself up to use leverage. Metal is strong, and even though your muscles and bones are stronger, you need to attack the metal at its weakest point. It will make it easier. If you can use long parts to pry inner parts, do it. Use fleshy padded parts backed up with big bones against metal at the metal’s weakest point if you can.

Plant your feet.  Get your legs into it.  Plant your feet and use the ground to push from.  Anchor them into the ground.  Draw strength from the earth.  Don’t just try to use your arms…get your legs into it.  If you can use your legs to also apply pressure you have already amplified your strength.

Use your abdominals. Lean into the bending, push with not just your legs, but your stomach and chest too. Crunches crunch metal. The more muscles you can get into it, closest to your body, the better.  Get angry. You know that this piece of metal is weaker than you. Get mad at it for being weak. Pump up, get mad, and get ready.

Make sure the metal is against bone, not tendons or nerves or ligaments. Use fleshy parts of your body backed up with big bones to do the pushing.  The more padding from flesh and the bigger the bone behind it, the better.  Bend the metal. It will hurt. It hurts a lot. But you can do it if you focus through the discomfort.  It resists at first, but once it starts bending, RAMP IT UP, get madder, and keep bending.  Get the metal soft and keep going through the pain.  If you stop and let the metal harden you just make more work for yourself.

Drop whatever you’ve just bent and yell!  Partly to get rid of the pain, partly to get rid of the aggression you had to build up to bend the metal.  You did it.  You earned it because you just learned how to bend metal with your bare hands!


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