Life Lessons

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Sometimes lessons in life are learned too late. One wrong mistake can affect your whole life and the losses may be more than just disappointing. They can be devastating. Some of those irreversible decisions can become so harmful mentally to yourself and others that it can entirely change your life as well as other decisions you may make. Making decisions purely based on our own motivations or agendas are the most dangerous kinds. They are most often made to our own benefit or cause and most often end up hurting others for our own use. You can never reverse the harm that has been pushed on others, disregarding their feelings. It is not just enough to seek forgiveness from that person or persons but to vow to change your selfish ways. If you cannot realize this, you are not sorry at all. Selfishness is the root of destruction of a relationship. Seeking our own agenda anyway we can is harmful to others no matter how much you think you may be helping that person. It is forcing your will on another person whom has all rights to make their own decisions. It is somewhat of an invasion.

Some people can only see what’s directly in front of them and they have no idea of the consequences that lie ahead. The agenda becomes their enemy as they plot to prey on others lives. Their hopes and dreams become plots and schemes. This is such an evil to me. Those who are innocent are the ones that are hurt most. The damages can never be repaired sometimes, even in reformation. It becomes an illness with each succession of a scheme. Thus reformation rarely takes place. There is a total disregard of feelings as if the victim has none. I suppose that is the easy way to continue, otherwise there would be too much guilt to deal with. I must believe though that this way of doing things is self destructive in itself. Can a person live life in this way and continue with it leaving broken people along the path of life? It does not seem quite fair.


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