How to go to radio broadcasting school for free!

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Radio Broadcasting schools are often very expensive .The “free” way is basically the “school” of learning as you go. You can often start by first volunteering. The internet is great to get yourself used to many of the radio aspects,positions and terms ( such as liner, stinger, sweep, sweeper, jock, internet streaming , id, legal id , psa, promo, etc…)

The best dj school is the school of imitating. I’ve been in the radio industry now for over 23 years and I am of the opinion that a radio broadcasting school will surely give you great instruction on all the right presentations but a true radio disc jockey or “jock” as the term Is more commonly called , is genuinely suitable for the radio industry when he or she more naturally comes into the industry out of a pure heart of love for radio. With a real love for the radio industry field you will have certain idols in the industry that have earned their place because of their hard work of experience. Be as much like them as possible but yet maintaining your own uniqueness and personality.

This radio business is so much more than being “the jock”. It is about understanding most aspects of radio as you will need to know so much more than just being on air and talking into a mic. There are radio automation systems to learn, audio software production to conquer along with becoming the next great master of audio production, and of course the know how of understanding how to relate to your specific listening audience.

I believe so much of radio is intuitive and having the love and feel for the job. A radio broadcasting school will help mainly only to put you in debt and perhaps give you some paperwork that may get you into some doors a little quicker than if you are simply starting out with your raw love and talent for the job.

I guess it all boils down to having the radio-bug bite you to the point that its more of a love than a job. When it feels like this to you then you are so willing to learn by scouring sources yourself and learning from the best examples you know, in many cases even mimicking them to get yourself in the groove. This natural love and ability (which is what you really need to have to be a radio star) will take you to and through your free ride to a broadcasting school of sorts, in the practical sense..and a whole lot less of a student loan. It may cost a little extra effort on the grass roots as you work your way up a station ladder , but it will cost you a whole lot less from the pocket book.


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