How to Get Rid of the Extra Trash You Have

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Here are some easy to implement ideas that will show you how to get rid of the extra trash you have.

Step one:  Call your trash pickup service. Or look at the cities website about trash collecting. A lot of city trash collection agencies have services that will come and pick up extra trash a couple of times a year. Need to get rid of that refrigerator? Call and see if they will pick it up. Chances are they will.

Step two:  Look around your neighborhood. Live near apartment complexes? A lot of apartment complexes leave their dumpsters out and open. If you need to dispose of an extra bag of trash or two and the dumpster is there, do it.

Step three:  Leave stuff out on the curb. Throwing out old electronics, cookware, books, games, clothes or things of that nature? Leave them out on the curb for a day or two. A lot of times they will be gone by the time you come out of your house the next day, assuming people walk by your house.

Step four:  Find the nearest recycling center. Old things like screen-doors, glass, aluminum engine blocks might be worth money. Call and see what they say. At worst they say “no,” at best you make money from getting rid of your trash.

Step five:  Host a garage sale. Lots of extra clothes and junk that is usable but you just don’t use it and it’s taking up space? Set up a garage sale. Make some signs advertising your sale about a week before you are going to sell and post them at the nearest major intersections. You will get people coming to buy your stuff, if you have the time to sit and sell.
These methods will help you get rid of the extra trash you have at your house.


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