Letters are Incredulously Alive! Are You? Dissecting the name of Ginger

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The Importance of the Esoteric Study of Letters

Letters are inflamed! And, so too are the words which they imbue. They walk; talk dance, twirl, and spin a gamut of marvelously incredible inexplicable sensational connective rays of incalculable webs in various indescribable colorful horrendous immeasurable experiences. They carry an inherent source of unmistakable magical power which evokes the spirit of which the word contains. No matter how you feel about the esoteric arts and sciences, most especially numerology, you can not deny the influence letters invoke. Take for example the letter: G and the Name Ginger

G-The variegated letter which represents a humorous channel of inspired communication. It acts both as a repository portal and all encompassing reservoir. It serves as a principal seat of conscientious memory which can exalt or denigrate depending upon how tightly one cleaves to contrived associations. Consider the words: good, great, grand, gracious, gulf, gripe, gout, gain, get, gall, gamble, goat, garbage, gutsy, god. When one encounters the words that begin with letter G, He/she ultimately will be transformed by/through present apparently unwarranted conditioned responses. IF your first name begins with the letter G your life will provide the means, circumstances, situations and somewhat bleak improvising opportunities to act as a relaying station for others. In other words, you will be called upon to listen to countless stories of woe! The letter G is highly charged and endowed with a high moral fiber, an impeccable integrity and a deeply imbued emotional nature. Those with the letter G, at the beginning of their names, will forge a path to perfection by multiple tests of inconsistency and variously flavor fully flawed trials that will push your personal endurance level and undeniable strength of character to the limit. You possess an unbeatable sense of endurance, fortitude, and saying power unsurpassed by others.

I– The letter of the profound subdued Sage who demands and values silence/privacy above and beyond any other virtue. You have the ability to pierce through illusion/obstacles/barriers with a fine tuned precision of a laser beam. You are an intricately private ‘loner’ who fills the broad gap in others by providing solace, intimate counseling, insight, and a safe refuge. Intimacy you are able to project but not incorporate. You are acutely aware of the fact woven into your incredibly complex nature a genuine need to serve as a ‘sounding board’ in order for others to connect and be understood. Creative and sensitive, few people ever really penetrate into the depths of compassion and sacredness you possess. Family is paramount; work/business is salvation. Nervous tendencies overwhelm you, at times, your become so worried and engulfed in the problems of others you use it (distraction) in search of a way to eliminate built up frustration, anxiety and needless concern. Always striving to better than what you believe yourself to be, you never quite the make the mark of your own impeccable belief of needing to GOOD ENOUGH. You search in vain for personal serenity but somehow exchange your needs for the supposed needs of others.

N- The letter of intense will, focus, commitment and dedication to a worthwhile purpose. Profoundly spiritual; views life with a distant eye and discriminating ears, listening for discrepancies and inconsistencies. You possess a unique sense of wit which soothes the souls of many people. You are able to talk your way out of just about anything; Drugs, alcohol and/or food may prove to be your downfall. Daily events will produce complicated scenarios in which “laughter at oneself” will prove to be life-sustaining and rewarding. Adjusting yourself to the eye of the storm as it passes over is immediate and indispensable. The amount of chaos involved will force you to find that serene place of stillness in the private sanctuary of your own mind. Need to reduce sexual frustration!

G– (2nd) The letter when doubled become its opposite force. The mackerel like opposing force in tenuous emotions that at times drive you bonkers. When you are faced with having to grapple with conflicting ideas, concepts, and tangled-up situations/affairs which demand a constant balancing act of staying focused, grounded and centered in order to pace yourself, a deep split results. Peace and harmony evade you, even though you may be torn between the opposing poles, you are resolved with but incapable of voicing it. This paradoxical nature often leaves you with a feeling of detachment and frantic inner resolve. Never are you let off the hook in order to relax or let down your ‘supposed’ guard but ever vigilant to the nuances of what’s going on around you. You are impressionably aware of everything that takes place; nothing goes unnoticed. Your mind never sleeps. Tension? You invented the word!

E– The letter of physical involvement in the human experience on the road of life, incorporating all of the overt and not so obvious lessons associated. No better schooling offered than the education obtained through the invaluable circumstances and troublesome events that are made available for your choosing on the personal path to self-liberation. Need to eliminate guilt, remorse, and regret accumulated along the way. Remember: “Everything happens for Divine Reasons we can’t see.” You know beyond a reasonable doubt that whatever is sown will just a surely will be reaped. You understand and value the effort and energy that goes into professional, long, tiring, focused, and devoted hours of ethical work practices accompanied by the endearing rewards they produce. The word SACRIFICE will take on a diverse complex direction as it gives you new multi-leveled meanings. “Be still: this too will pass.”

R– The letter which displays the brightness and brilliance of the sun’s loving warm rays and life-sustaining energy. But, remember wherever the sun shines too brightly, shadows are cast. Meaning: secrets produce sickness. You possess a childlike innocence that never exhausts your innate goodness. You are ready, willing, and able to give, nourish and serve others as the time and occasion arise. By shedding wisdom, encouragement and faith while shouldering an almost inconceivable personal private hell filled with insecurities/doubts/problems held in check while feeling alone and isolated has forged you into the trouper you are. At times, you have been so demanding of yourself, unforgiving, merciless and relentless in analyzing your actions to the point of mindless weariness. You feel responsible for those in your care or charge. {Most especially those who comprise your immediate family and life long friends.} Learning how to truly love and accept yourself without hesitation and reservation will be the biggest battle of your life.

Letters live, love and laugh. Do you?

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