True Knowledge: Who Gets, Needs or Wants It?

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Understanding the Role We Play in Revealing Truth

No one has the definitive answer. At best, all knowledge is speculative and presumed. Until more is revealed through extended unbiased research and ill-defined unexpected discovery, we stumble through the dark making up what works and what doesn’t, we try to avoid, deny or dismiss. In essence, we must ‘work with what we got’ until the mule’s plow turns over the hardened unmoved dirt in the uncultivated acres in order to face the light of day. We, along with our presuppositions, must face the ‘light of day’ at some point in our lives. Everything we know, learned, remembered, acquired, emulated, imitated or have been shown will at one point or another be brought to test of seething light to see if it can withstand the trials, tribulations, and harrowing episodes of exhausted exacted belief. In the meantime, while we live through the various experiences, we humans are expected to endure.

True Knowledge, what is it really? Is it based on pre-supposed faith, hope, conviction, principles, ideas, coveted religion? Can it be that all true knowledge, in fact, evolves from the self alone? Or can it be that we create what we need to know out of the prevailing circumstances? Isn’t that the only knowledge that truly matters? “If you can’t use it, what good is it?” In actuality, applicable practical knowledge can only be gained by/through the vital raw experience of one’s self, life, relationships, work, career, family and personal relative experiments in existence. In essence, one’s truth (true knowledge) is as pure as the ‘soil which you toil’ in everyday dealings. This so-called true knowledge becomes the personal educational foundation of one’s life. It’s all a matter of living one’s viable education from the inside.

However, academic education is another matter altogether. “IT” is something outside of yourself which you are expected to incorporate within. But, there again, if you can’t, don’t, won’t, and shall not use it, what good is it, really? You must be able to relate, appreciate, generate, and execute its delivery or it remains inert and nonexistent. Now, we come to the meat of the matter. You will not be drawn to any knowledge up and until it is ignited from deep within. As previously stated, until that delegated time when you specifically need it.

Esoteric knowledge is true knowledge. An ancient knowledge supported by universal laws and based upon principles generated from within one’s verifiable experiences. How can this be? How can the same laws that govern gravity sustain one’s life? In the same way that you are ‘established and maintained’ by the chemical elements that constitute your being in which proposes your existence, do you understand why you exist? No. Does that matter? Do you breathe oxygen? Would your not believing in it make the reality of your lungs depending on it for survival any less real? You would certainly agree that what you can not understand or accept at 11 years old does not invalidate it at 30. Right? The same premise goes for attracting true knowledge.

No matter how much you would like to learn, master or acquire certain information in/of a subject, unless it genuinely interests you, (excites you to pieces) you will not be moved to learn (remember) it. This is the key to genuine education! To be motivated to learn more about the most important subject in the world (which is you) represents the basis of all esoteric knowledge. Nothing is more important than gaining a proper understanding of the why, how, what, where, who, and when you are activated to move in specific cycles and patterns.

Mortals are goaded by two distinct agendas: will and desire. In reality, only one authentically: the Will to achieve their desire! You are self-generated to accomplish certain feats in activity and will not be driven off or into a course which does not interest you, nor involve a labyrinth maze of sorts, period. No matter how much you would like to ‘make yourself’ do something, unless it is part of your innate divinely designed make-up in personality you will not succeed. In other words, you are pushing against the grain of your own indelibly sacred sensual sexual fabric of artistic identity. That’s the problem. That’s the proverbial bottom line of dissatisfaction.

When it all comes down to ‘beating the dirt out of the rug’, you will inevitably follow the obsession of your heart’s passion though you may go round the mulberry bush of despair, desperation, confusion, and unending distractions in the meantime. Why? Because you fear the consequences of your stepping out on the proverbial ledge to know. In order, to know more, you will have to grow more.

During that indescribable growth spell, you will be shifted, altered, misrepresented, turned/twisted and flung into unknown ethers with the seasons of incremental whirlwind forces spinning you into the next level of consciousness. In other words, the you, (familiarity) you subliminally maintain will be shattered. It is not a pleasant deal to go through but necessary. You, (with all of your current idolizations) will crumble and cease to excite you anymore. Whatever in your life that can not withstand the fiery furnace of genuineness will not remain. Once having been exposed to the penetrating light of savage raw truth, naive virginity exists no longer.

Secrets are divulged, concepts are shattered, precepts are bounced, hope is destroyed, and delusions are wrought indigestible. Those things that existed prior to true (esoteric) knowledge’s entrance are dissolved in the presence of it. You are transformed by the molten temperature associated in the furnace of an undisclosed frontier where the recognizable is displaced by the unrecognizable and the personal replaced by the impersonal. Are you up for such a nonrefundable transition? Most people are not and that is why they live their lives as Henry David Thoreau so aptly put it: “…of quiet desperation…”

Esoteric knowledge involves your being interested enough to carve out an existence that is conducive to your particular needs and desires. Does that mean you become totally different from what you are now?  The answer lies within the question. The difference rises out of the space made available in the interim of dissatisfaction. You can not possibly push beyond the preset boundaries of yourself (limiting ideas) until you realize there are some type of self-created obstructions preventing you from doing so. These barriers are necessarily vital and will not reveal themselves in the situation until at such time you are able to grasp at ‘something’ other than what you currently uphold.

To put it more succinctly, you will set up the restricting circumstances for yourself in order to move beyond it. Understand? This is the premise of esoteric knowledge. Nothing happens out of order or without your being ready to handle it. No matter how you would choose to believe otherwise, IF the situation has arisen, you are equal to the task associated. (No matter how unpleasant) all of life is a progressive movement in consciousness and will require of you to stretch in times of adversity.

True knowledge will show itself in the hour when needed. To plead ignorance is not allowed. Whatever transpires in your immediate life has been defined in the parameters of your particular needs as a human being for the lessons thereto attached. It is impossible to cheated, abused, abandoned, abused or denigrated without a prior consent of your soul for the personal experience, alone. You may be a little worse for wear during the process of alchemical transformation but rest assured you will come out unscathed.


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