How To Prestige In Two Days On Call Of Duty 5!

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First off I will explain what prestige is on Call Of Duty: World At War. It is simply when you reach level 65 with your experience you are given the option to reset everything other then your stats. This includes perks and weapon attachements! You do however get a rank reflective of your prestige level and how many times you have reached level 65! Some people choose not to prestige and remain at level 65 to keep all their hard earned perks and weapons! these people fall behind rather quickly in the eyes of other players!

When you first start play the matches limited to under corporal(level 8) learn the ropes. However once you reach level 8 play team deathmatch you earn more experience then in Free For All. If you get a 3 kill streak you get a recon plane to show you the locations of all your enemies, 5 kills without dying is an artillery strike (don’t call it in on your allies!) and finally the one that we will revisit is 7 kill streak brings you a pack of dogs! Now, dogs will get you a lot of kills if the players you are fighting are newer but if they are good in regular team deathmatch they won’t get killed by dogs but they are highly distracted while killing the dogs and make easy targets! When you call in dogs watch the map and chase down anyone shooting at the dogs! It is quite difficult to use my main strategy in regular team deathmacth so do your best to get to hardcore team deathmatch as fast as you can! To do this fastest use only Sub-Machine guns. Use the Thompson until you get 150 kills and get the 1000 Experience bonus for completing the challenge! By this point you should have the MP40 unlocked and do the same with that weapon reach 150 kills and get the bonus!

You should now be able to play in Hardcore Team Deathmatch. Be prepared however as you have MUCH less health! Continue to use submachine guns, as you unlock new ones get 150 kills right away which you can see in challenges. When you have no Sub-Machine guns that have not gotten 150 kills go back to the thompson and try to get 150 headshots for a second bonus and continue on with the MP40 etc. You may think sniping is good or using a full machine gun but they are either too slow reacting and reloading or you simple make an easy target!

You now know what weapons to use throughout you can experiment if you choose but Sub-Machine guns are the fastest way to rank up! Now you need to understand the usefulness of perks! Some think the explosive perks are teh best but in reality you teamkill a lot with them and you only get 2! Two kills! What bloody good is that? Bouncing Bettys and Rifle Grenades are a waste of a perk! However use 3X special grenades and learn when and where to use tabun gas! It is deadly effective at crippling enemies for easy kills! Use Bouncing Bettys when you reach the proper level but as SOON as you nulock the bandolier change Perk 1 to that as around double the ammo will get you more kills then 2 self-killing and team killing explosives! Perk 2 should be stopping power nearly the whole game making most of the subs two hit kills! The last perk in Call Of Duty World At War is truly a personal choice! until you can use second chance! I choose deep impact because I love shooting through walls and killing people who thought they were safe! However as soon as second chance is available you basically HAVE to use it! You may think “no one ever heals me, why bother?” Well be the bigger man! Heal people anytime you can and they will notice! When it comes up and says you have been hit they will rush to your aid! Saving you a death!

Now the truly important part about racking up over 1000 points per game! You MUST do this in the proper order! When the game starts, be cautious, rush their spawn point will usually get you 2-4 kills right off then back off and try to “snipe” and not with a scope I mean hiding or being sneaky! Your goal? To get 7 kills as fast as possible without dying! You may die once or twice but keep trying you really need to get a 7 kill streak in the first 5 minutes for this to work properly! The dogs are an addition to Call Of Duty 5: World At War that gives you the ability to (as I call it) loop your kills! Your first reaction to getting dogs is SAWEET! I am going to use them right now! DON’T! Save them, Keep shooting people until someone kills you! Go ahead! Don’t be cautious! Run into a room you know you shouldn’t! It is actually pretty fun! When you die make sure the first thing you do is call iny our dogs! Now be cautious again and try to shoot without getting shot! Between you and your dogs withing the 60 seconds you have the dogs you should get another 7 kill streak and it is a lot easier as your dogs are getting kills and people are too distracted to shoot at you effectively due to the deadly dogs! Once again once you get dogs go APE! Just go rock and roll and unload on anything that moves, chase into obvious traps etc. Basically have fun, when you die, call in your new dogs! Rinse and repeat! However if you call in dogs before you die they will NOT count towards your kill streak for bonuses! So don’t call them in without dying unless you have under 2 minutes left OR you are trying to reach your best kill streak!:)

If you follow all of these tips using the proper weapons and perks you will get on average 1100 Experience points per 10 minute game unless you reach score limit which is always nice. The bonuses for using all of the sub machine guns equals over 13,000 points! I cannot give you an exact number of points required to prestige in Call Of Duty World At war but I believe it is around 30,000! 13,000 is a nice addition to your kill score and the fastest way to rank up I have found thus far! Enjoy!

P.S. I play on the Wii as “zero” all lowercase if you would like to be friends hit me with a comment with a way to contact you!:)


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