Walking Magic: Creating a Desired World of Substance Out of YOU!

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Delve, Scour and Release Hidden Artistic Talent!

Are you ready to delve down into and let the ‘goodest of the goodest’,’ ‘sweetest of the sweetest’ and ‘sexiest of the sexiest’ streams of creativity arise from the dormant pool of energetic original vibes, you are currently hiding, loose to express prodigiously in your life? Exploring the unparalleled esoteric magically induced sacred sexually sensually liberating world of art/music/dance/drama/written word (maintained silently in you ) involves a lifetime of liberated naturally induced self study, mirrored application and jubilant soul’s celebration. Nothing can compare with the disentangling energetic sizzling sexually engaged force that sublime esoteric magical/mystical art propels as it works its undeniable enchantment in your life.

As you begin to make the plunge into mysterious parts of yourself, waiting patiently to be excavated, through various paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, architecture, clay, music, plays, books, dance, songs, and a million other artistic endeavors of your choosing, mysteriously formulating in the universe and soon to appear boldly in your sphere of activity, you’ll be amazed at the astounding results the Cosmos will offer. You will be shown such explicit insight of how everything and I do mean everything, right down to piece of lint on your clothes, exists in itself and of itself as an exquisite divine art form significant to your particular existence. You will also discover that the idea of God in whatever concept you perceive him/her/it to be is found in the most mundane, shadowy, lowly and unsavory objects/people/places and things. As unlikely as that may seem to you, it is none the less true. You have chosen to investigate the world of sensual sacred sexual esoteric art within, ineradicably imprinted with soul’s intended insight. Because you are ready for its hidden messages, the communication of spontaneous gratitude, acknowledgement and appreciation for the simple and ordinary artistic impetus within yourself, you shall be granted entrance. Perhaps you don’t see yourself as artistically inclined, nor have you recognized and appreciated the value of the impending depth of the imaginative impetus you possess. This distinct drive will no longer be silenced. Your uncontrollable restlessness is proof alone!

It is starkly revealed in every aspect of your life, through every inexplicable imaginable aspect you have ever engaged your effort and energy. This undeclared and unrecognized artistic expression is the key that unlocks the door to a storehouse of hidden treasures of untold, unexpressed and untapped potential, talent, skills and capabilities. This statement is not a hopeful glamorized promise but a solidified fact of nature. IF you are ready for the mind-altering transformation, you will partake of the bounty.

There is no possible way that you are reading these words by chance. It’s not just something you do. Nothing in life happens by accident! Nothing! Everything happens exactly and precisely as it does for reasons you can’t see. Some people often erroneously believe that God, in all of his/her/their/its multi-faceted splendor, hides our talent from us for reasons only known to him/her/them/it, or until at such time we are ready to use it for the glory and benefit beyond. Some also erroneously believe that the only way to access him/her/it is through prayer, church services, fellowship and various rituals. They further maintain and suggest that unless we pay homage, we will never be able to utilize our innate gifts. I beg to differ with these people.

Although, these forms of worship and supplications do serve a purposeful function, I dare propose that God is not hidden away somewhere waiting for us to address him at certain times, in certain places, in certain ways. He has no need of or in an open display of contained church acknowledgement or lip scripture worthy praise. That ritual is for the participant, alone. He is vividly displayed prodigally in nature through every single thought, object, feeling and expression man can possibly imagine. God/Goddess/Themness/Itness. The fact is: If you can see it, that’s God in fullness. If you can hear, taste, feel, smell, experience or imagine, it’s the form of god. Art expresses God/Goddess/Themness/Itness continually uncesasingly. God’s ineffable glory exists before you can utter it! And, is not increased because you do! Your hidden artistic talent lies in those repressed areas of your life where you were the most embarrassed, ashamed and guilt ridden. Wherever hesitation arises or regret blurs the doorway, this archway points the single direction for you. No other place of residence holds your name plate as does the event that most disappointed or dissolved your chosen direction. Doubt not that your unique expression of that singular event hides the ‘film to be precessed.’ Hurt, pain, and denial marks that which lies beneath. Proceed victoriously in the midst of your present confusion. Make the first step and the platform will build itself under your grounded feet.

No place exists you can not see, feel, hear, touch and experience God in fullness. If you are breathing, then you are breathing in God. You are first and foremost composed of and comprised of the divine energy of God. Everything you attempt to do or say is through that same divine energy. All of your works are expressed as God in a specialized operation. Even those works you care to forget. Inconceivable incidences, which are the unmistakable unexplained divine operations of your distinct mission in this life which can not be discounted, nor denied. What does this ever-evasive individual mission consist of? Every person, place, event, circumstance, situation, problem, relationship, success and failure which has added irresponsible flavor and texture in the constitution of the theme of your mission whose influence can not be dismissed. Through, ART, you are able to construct your particular magical slant on the world.

God expresses seemingly sporadically and unconditionally, no matter how horrific of devastating the blow appears in the unbalanced subject of intent manifests. All matters are perfectly balanced unified beauty. He/Her/Them/It exists in everything. Not a single quark is exempt. If you are able to visualize an unformed concept, of any dimension, you are experiencing and expressing God. God thoroughly expresses through us, in us, and around us. How are we to fathom the ineffable glory? Through art! Not simply the magnanimous examples that have been left to us throughout ages, but in the non-descript, carelessly displayed, meaningless, insignificant, substandardly assembled, and/or unaccepted, unimportant, dull and uninteresting discarded and devalued aspects of our everyday existence. Art is revealed in the ugly, or what is perceived as unattractive, as well as, it is revealed in those things we declare as spectacular. God is everywhere because the expression of art is everywhere.
The bottom line is: you are seeking life, liberty, laughter and love in a sacredly sensual spontaneous and passionate manner. You have sent out a request in which the universe graciously answered you in the most weirdest of circumstances. You have summoned help from yourself, reflected
in an unexpected divine manner; the cosmos will show you the way to create what you WILL. Recognizing and relating the immeasurable sacred beauty held within what seems to be unrelated ordinary run-of the-mill photographs requires a huge leap of the imagination To actualize the God within yourself as the genuine artist of the mundane opens your eyes to wider possibilities It’s about coming to terms with the startling fact that to know and see God, you must see and appreciate the most insignificant and trivial of matters. Nothing in your life will ever again be the same for in reality you are in the process of dissecting God through you. You will establish relationship to various dislocated and fragmented parts of yourself by and through the relationships ignited. You will as all artists are able to do, carry on conversations with things to understand and relate why certain situations, circumstances, events happen.


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