Less Is More

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We have become so accustomed to feling as though we have to have the newest and best items available at all times.  In return, we end up becoming wasteful with money and our homes cluttered.  Not to mention the fact that some of us have picked up second jobs to to support this habit.  No one seems to follow the simple rule of “bring something in, take something out.”  We all seem to have and extra closet or storage room that is overflowing with things that were for the moment.  If we all sit and take a mental assessment of all our belongings we will find that we done a lot of impulse and competitive spending.  Don’t get me wrong, i love to shop like most people, but i’ve learned to curb some of my spending.  The recession hasn’t slowed a lot of spending, but it has cut back on a lot of jobs.  You can’t find a job, but you can find great buys on things that you’ve seen and want. Our lifestyles are overcluttered with the next best thing.  When actually what we are doing is becoming lazy from all the newer technology, yet in a spending frenzy to try it.  Who wouldn’t want access to all the new and improved?  Advertisement knows how to get us.  If we could get our money back for half of the things we buy on impulse, we would all have a nice savings or retirement account.  So as you go through your day, take a moment to notice all the things that are pricier that claim to make life easier.  Or the ones that cut the time in half on your regular household cleaning.  Is this really possible, or is it something else to have to buy replacements for, refill more frequently, or simple cause headaches?  As i think of it, less actually is more.  We accumulate more and then have to buy more for the items that take up more space or require more of our time.  So are we better off doing it the way we are accustomed or trying the new things?


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