Beating down social issues

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My best friend was once complaining to me that she had multiple teachers assigning her basically the same paper – something about racial prejudice.

While it’s not really the teachers’ fault that they were all focused on the same thing, it does bring up the fact that we tend to beat up the same social issues all the time . Yes, racial discrimination is an important topic. However, if you bring it up and “zombify” us into writing about it too many times, it’ll seem more like a paper topic than a real life topic.

Now that I think about it, pretty much all my entire middle/high school social issues essays were either about race (40%), gender (30%), and occasionally religion (4%) and sex orientation (1%). [Percentages are approximated with my own experiences].

So I’m making a list of many social issues you can assign so that you can vary every once in a while. There’s no particular order- just a big list.
This list was co-written by my best friend.

  • Race (African, African-American, Irish, Asian, Arab, Italian, etc…)
  • Place of birth or last place of residency, different from racial discrimination (assuming a person is a certain way because of where they’re born or where they hailed from. Such as countries, regions, states, even cities).
  • Gender (male, female, hermaphrodites, reassigned)
  • Religion (discrimination of certain religions, or against non-believers)
  • Sex orientation . (gay rights, gay marriage, bi’s)
  • Hair discrimination (blondes, brunettes, redheads)
  • Height discrimination.
  • Disability discrimination.
  • Sex choices discrimination (multiple partners, swingers)
  • War-choice discrimination. That’s right. There is discrimination against war lovers and peace lovers.
  • Sports discrimination. Discrimination against players of certain sports, or fans of certain teams.
  • Political discrimination. (parties,
  • Clothes discrimination. (rich clothes, poor clothes, old clothes, covered clothes, skimpy clothes, goth clothes, certain shoes, certain headwear, etc…)
  • Face discrimination, and I’m not talking about skin color. There are people who discriminate, not just insult but actually go against you, if you have acne or a certain kind of clothes. This would make for a nice reflection essay.
  • Shape discrimination. (weight, breast size, penis size, leg shape, butt size, lip shape, nose shape, etc…)
  • Money discrimination. (housing, job type, assets, homelessness).
  • Accent discrimination. This isn’t always ethnic. Lisps, or just self-made accents can also cause discrimination.
  • School discrimination. (home-school, religious school, public school, community college, ivy league). Related : Intelligence discrimination (whether good or bad).
  • Hobby discrimination. (band, pottery, painting, collecting, comic book reading)
  • Food -eating discrimination (omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, people who don’t like something another does, and even allergic reactions).
  • Age – Discrimination based on the age a person is (or looks!)

While discrimination is always thought as “something negative you do to someone because of something they are”, it can also be something ‘positive’ -like assuming all Asians can do math, and then put pressure on that Asian student you know when you ask for help. If you ask without actually knowing if the student is good at math, then you’re racially assuming. If you find out the grades first, and they are good, then you’re honestly asking for help.


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