Hey, Which Shoe Strings Should I Get?

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Or Determining The Proper Shoelace Length

Shoes do come with shoelaces. There are other shoe closures . . . velcro, snaps, buckles . . . and yet you may want to actually buy shoelaces some time. Then . . . how do you know which ones to buy?

One way you can determine the right shoelace length is with a long piece of string. Put a long piece of string through your shoe, lacing it the way you usually would. After you have laced the shoe and tied the bow cut the end of the lace to a length you like. It shouldn’t be so long that you would step on it. Then take the string out of your shoe and measure it. That length is the proper shoelace length for that shoe.

You don’t have to tie your shoelaces. You can use shoelace locks. Shoelace locks are shoelaces with locks that keep the shoelaces tied. Shoelace locks help children, older people and disabled people who have problems tying their shoes.

A shoelace lock website, ShoelaceLock.com is having a special right now with free shipping on orders of two or more sets of shoelace locks. People can also buy one set of shoelace locks and get one free there. ShoelaceLock.com accepts credit card and PayPal payments.

Here is a handy way to determine the correct shoelace length according to the number of shoelace holes in the shoes.

Holes                                              Shoelace Lengths

2 pairs                                       18 inches       45 cm

3 pairs                                       18/24 inches 45/60 cm

4 pairs                                       24 inches       60 cm

5 pairs                                       30 inches       75 cm

6 pairs                                       35/43 inches 90/110 cm

7 pairs                                       60 inches       150 cm

8 pairs                                       71 inches       180 cm

Amazon has FlexHold Shoe Laces with ActiveHold Technology that stay tied. ActiveHold Technology is rubber tread that is woven through the laces to prevent slipping. The FlexHold Shoe Laces flex with your foot and expand for maximum hold in tough workouts. The FlexHold Shoe Laces are made of nylon yarn, rubber and PVC. They’re recommended for athletic shoes and $5.99 a pair at Amazon.

Amazon also comes to your assistance with Magic Shoelaces, a paperback children’s book for $7.99. Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

“Magic Shoelaces by Audrey Wood

Matthew just can’t keep his shoelaces tied. When the Magic Man offers to swap Matthew’s laces for a magic pair, he thinks his wish has come true. Unfortunately, he soon realizes there are disadvantages to shoelaces that won’t come undone.”

The ShoeLacesExpress website has a large variety of shoelaces for many kinds of shoes and boots.


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