Top Ten 2009 New Year’s Resolution & How to Keep it

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List what you want to accomplish in next coming year and pick out at least ten. Now from those ten write reasons why you want to achieve it. Now have a plan. Call your best friend and tell them. They will help you follow through. Now schedule it in your calendar. Have a goal.

Here’s the Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolution

1. Quit Smoking/ Quit Drinking

Set a quit date, Throw them out, Don’t buy them the next time, Don’t fall into temptation.

2. Make Money

Check out my blog about this topic: How to make online…

3.Get Out of Debt

Check out your free credit report. Click Here .

You are allowed a free credit report from each of the three companies every 12 months.

Record, Categorize, Make a Budget. List. Who. How Much. Paying. Repeat. Don’t give up.

Debtors Anonymous

Get Out of Debt

4. Lose Weight

Check out: Pyramid Tracker

Keep Diary, Lose weight with a friend, join a support group, choose exercise program, consult a doctor, drink water, rest .

Dont starve yourself & lose too much weight too quickly!

5. Learn Something New

6.Find a Better Job , Yahoo Hotjobs , Snag-A-Job , Career Builders


Homeless shelter, Food Banks, The Guideposts Sweater Project. Ronald Mcdonald House, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanties, State Parks, Cities Programs, Helping others Learn to Read such as Reading is Fundamental (RIF), Hospitals, Libraries, Senior Citizens, Animal Shelters, United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Environmental Organizations such as Sierra Club, Political Campaigns, 800 Number Volunteer, Web Site Creation ,, Volunteer Match, Idealist.

8. Promotion

Be a Team Player, Work for a company that lets you grow, seek out new skills, tell the right people you want a promotion, apply for jobs within the company, apply for the right positions, make yourself quailified, go back to school, learn a new language, take on temp. projects, volunteer, get a mentor.

9. Take Vacation

Plan Ahead, Use a Airline Mile Program or Amtrak Rewards Program, Set a Date

10. Go Back to School


Some other New Year’s Resolution

Start a Business

Check this out. 200 Ways to Start A Business

Start Freelancing

Getting Your Freelance Start

Save Money

Pay Yourself first

Collect coins. Put in Bottles you have to break. and pick up pennies.

Buy in Bulk.

Order free samples online.

Take the bus or walk.

Use coupons.

Ways to Keep New Years Resolution

Tell Someone

Write your New Year’s Resolution down

Be Positive. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Reward Yourself.

Aim Low.

Don’t overload yourself.


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