How to test the effectiveness of your sales letter

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Before starting, it is important that you should design a testing program. This testing program will help you to get an idea about your product. Your program should be designed in a way that it reflects the market’s response quickly and with less hassle.

What you should test? You should test the listing and offers that you are going to offer. It is also important that you should test your letter as well because it’s a response to your success.

Some of the questions that you should ask yourself are as follows:

1. Length of the letter:

Your sales letter should not be too small. If you have developed one cover letter, try to make few more and test them.  You can get a more comprehensive idea of your market. In past it has been in trend to write long letters. It was believed that writing more will help in increasing the sales. Inverse is true these days. People want a comprehensive and quick view about the item due to their busy life. But this doesn’t exclude the option of testing a long letter. It should not include irrelevant details and should cover all the relevant details.

2. Is my headline attractive?

Design your headline in such a way that it catches the attention. It should be an eye catcher.  Use loud tone to reflect the message in your heading. It is not necessary to design a short headline; it can be long as well. People do not have sufficient time to read all the letters. Instead only those letters take their attention that have attractive headline. It is the first step in making a sale.

For formal letters, do not use the heading. This is because heading gives an informal tone to the formal message.

3. Does my letter get off with a fast start?

It is necessary to attract the reader in the beginning otherwise you will never be able to make a sale.  Heading should be attractive and should not be boring. Readers never read the message that have a slow start or are whose start is sleep-inducing.

4. Have I covered the guarantee section well?

Most individuals make a mistake of combining their guarantee section with the body. This mistake should be avoided and you must designate a separate section to this important heading. You should mention your offers clearly and should explain the guarantee you are offering. You must include the distinguishing features that the product contains. Why people should buy your product? This section should answer this question. People prefer products that provide value!

5.  Is P.S included in my letter?

P.S stands for a postscript. It is one way of increasing the authenticity of the letter. It’s been proved by a research that a letter with a postscript gains more attention than the one without it even if they are identical. So to make you letter more valid, add a P.S in the end.


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