How to choose the right car battery

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Some people do not pay much attention to their car’s battery. But its importance cannot be ignored as bad battery can really give you a tough time. It is the component that provides your engine necessary power to start.

A powerful battery is an asset. It not only improves the performance of the car but also increases the life of the car. While a week battery will prove as venom and will eventually make the car lifeless.

The recent advancement in the vehicle industry is followed by the development of upgraded batteries so as to fit the requirements of the more advanced vehicles. The competition amongst the battery manufacturers have benefited user the most. It is due to this competition that users are able to get more advanced and upgraded batteries at lower prices. Batteries can now even be installed DIY.

The following information will help you to find a suitable battery for you car:

The first thing to understand while choosing between batteries is that their prices can vary due to difference in features, quality and brand.

Internet helps you to locate the most reliable battery manufacturer. This information can also be gathered by inquiring from other car owners about the brand they use.

Brand new batteries are now very easy to find. You can now find various service centers, car shops and auto suppliers that offer new batteries even if you live in a village. These shops give discount to those customers who offer their old batteries in return to a new one.

Never prefer an old battery if you do not have enough finances. It is better to wait for some time till you arrange the money rather than buying an old one because it won’t last long and you will even loose the money that you have right now.

To make a better selection, refer the car manual or battery referral guides to check the factors like cold-cranking amps, cranking amps and group size of the battery.

Group size:

Group size tells about the volume of the battery and the location of the battery’s positive and negative terminals. Group size varies from model to model and the car manuals are the best source to find the group size you want for your battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): CCA rating tells about how much energy the battery can provide in the cold weather condition. The rating usually predicts the performance at 0 degree (F).

Cranking Amps (CA): This indicates the power capability of the battery.

Other things that you should consider are:


Two types of batteries are available:

1. Maintenance free

2. Regular battery

Maintenance free battery is a better option because you do not need to check the battery constantly.

Driving conditions and the climate of the country:

Selection of battery also depends on the climate and the driving conditions of the area you are living in. A long life battery is suitable if the weather conditions are hot.  Search for the one with tough housing because it protects the plates and do not let the battery to corrode easily and also prevent the evaporation of the fluid.

Manufactured date:

Select the battery that is manufactured at the latest date.

Handles of the battery:

The battery should have handles on it so that it is easy for you to pull it out when ever you need to.

It is hoped that this article has provided you with sufficient knowledge about how you can select a good battery for your car to ensure safe drive. Good Luck!


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