How to change windshield wipers

The windshield wipers are one of the most vital parts of the car. Their importance is often neglected and people do not repair them. They should be given importance and should be replaced when required. Often their malfunctioning goes unnoticed by the car owners. They should be replaced at least once in a year. The amount of rain fall at your area also determine the time of their replacement because more the rain falls, more they will be used and more often they need replacement. Get them replaced before they become too bad. Because they help you when you are in need and if they are not in proper working condition then it could create problems for you.

When replacing the windshield wipers, your aim should be to come across the best alternate wipers for your car. Choosing the bad quality wipers can cause scratches on your wind screen. The right type of wipers depends on your car’s model. Off course the blades for the Toyota Tacoma will be different from that of Toyota Pirus. So make sure that you are going to buy the right wipers for replacement. If you do not have any idea about which sort of wipers you should purchase then you should refer the owner’s manual. One more thing purchase whole blades not only the rubber stripping.

Getting Started

After purchasing the right wiper blades, now you need to consult the instructions that are provided with the wiper blades. Remember that the right and the left blades are different and need to be fixed carefully. They usually have the instructions on them that which one should go where. If you do not find the instructions then don’t worry you can get right by matching the new ones with the old ones. After this now you need to pull the blades in upward position. Notice that at this position they come forward and this particular position is known as the service position or the upward position.

Release the tabs and remove the old blades. These tabs are located at the top side of the blade. Small screwdriver will be needed to unscrew the wiper blades if you have an old Toyota. Now install new blades once you have removed the old ones. For installing the new blades you need to insert them in until they snap into their proper place. Now push the blades down back at their old position also called the locked position. You need to make sure that they are perfectly placed and they are safe to be used now. Now check they are working properly or not and whether they are fixed properly. This will guarantee that they’ll not come out while you are driving or when you need them.

New Wiper Blades

Check the newly installed blades properly so that you get surety that they are safe to use in rain or when needed. Always check the newly installed equipment that it is working properly or not. This will save you from many mishaps in future. Throw the older ones away. I would advise you to purchase the branded wipers. They have more working life and are reliable to use as well. Good Luck!

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